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Are you going to hire new employees in your company? Hiring process does not look too difficult but if you hire a candidate that should not be in your company then problem will arise. Nobody will say their bad attitudes and habits. They will never say their backwards. That is your job to find out whom to hire and whom not? The goal of the candidate in an interview is to be hired anyhow and your goal should be rejecting the candidate anyhow.
To find the personalities you should never hire, I asked HR manager of the few companies and some of the psychologist and found 5 most important things to be cared when hiring a new employee.

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1. The candidate who shows up late for the interview

The interview process is very important for you and it is also for candidate who is searching for job. If the candidate does not come in time for interview, how can you believe that he/she will come in time after hiring? This is the sign of irresponsible. Let’s ask why she/he is late mostly the excuse will be traffic, weather and many more. Be sure if you hire that candidate, these will be almost regular excuses after hiring.

2. The Complainers

It is not easy to find the real complainer who is bad for company. Let’s ask why he/she want to leave current job? If he/she start to complain boss, co-workers, clients or any third party, you should reject him/her because the chances of conflict is higher with those people who can’t accept own mistake. The right person is that who can kindly give the reason that is related to him. That is the sign he/she accept own mistakes and can cooperate with other members of the company.

3. The person who brags too much

Some people are too much aggressive and self-promoter. They think they know everything and nobody can do as they can. These kinds of people spend lots of time just in promoting themselves and it’s sure they are going to insult coworkers and apply their own policies in company because they think their idea is superior in comparison to ideas of others.

4. The person with bounded mind

There are two types of personalities. One who sees a room lightning by a candle and another who sees the dark not covered by the candle. The second has capacity to incorporate new ideas, ability to discover profitable opportunities and can adopt the change. So you should not hire the candidate who sees the light in a small room (everyone can easily see that) but not the dark around him/her.

5. The person who knows everything but can’t do anything perfectly

Some people are crazy to learn but lazy to continue. They want to be a doctor, lawyer, developer, musician and poet, they know basic things about everything but if you give them guitar and request to play a song, they get confused and   say “I can play another song better”. It means they know only what they already practiced and they can’t live with any of skills. The chances of poor performing, inefficient job, less productivity and finally chances of quitting job very sooner is high with this type of people.


Who don’t want to hire a best employee who can give efficient work with cooperation, coordination and collaboration to achieve company’s goals in given time frame and limited resources but it is very hard to find a perfect employee from 100s of applicants? Technical skills can be tested, academic qualification can be seen in certificates but there is no efficient method to test psychology of a person easily. Here I have listed five worst people you should not hire. If you think other personalities are really bad for company please mention in comment.

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