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Learning android is not easy until you find a good tutorial that explains every small topic in details. I don't know how many tutorials you followed and learned almost nothing except some "Hello World" and basic of android programming. Yes, there are lots of video tutorial if you are ready to pay but who spends their valuable time to teach you at free of cost? No, there are some brilliant people who love to share their knowledge to the community and make learning more accessible and affordable. If you are planning to start android programming and don't know even basic things, I recommend you to follow some video tutorials so that you can understand better but if you know the basic of android  programming and have spent some time learning android, videos tutorials are time consuming so you should follow written tutorial. I think is perfect for those people who want to start learning android development but don't want to waste more time watching videos.

To become a top/perfect android developer, you must have passion to learn, time to research and materials to get started. In this article, I am going to elaborate best blogs or written tutorials, video tutorials and free resource to learn and become a top/perfect android developer.

Best free tutorial sites to learn android

These are some of the best free android application development tutorials for beginner and expert. Learn Android App Development

I have placed at first because this covers almost everything required for beginner and expert android developesr like android tutorial, examples, tips and tricks, libraries and other information related to android application development at free of cost. Viral Android provides lots of android tutorial with different topics like android user interface (UI) design tutorial, android layouts tutorial, android material design tutorial, android webview tutorial, android design support library tutorial and others. Basic things of these all tutorials is also found in a topic called Android Tutorial.

ViralAndroid not only provide android app development tutorial, we can find lots of android examples, tips, best libraries, best UX/UI design and other more information related to android development. So, if you are looking for depth tutorial with complete necessary source code, this is one of the best place to learn android.

Following are the some popular tutorial among all the tutorials on

Official Android Developer Site: Building Your First App

This is android’s official developer site where you can find many things for developing android application. If you are beginner android developer you may face trouble while learning android app development from this official site except Building Your First App.

There is only one tutorial (Getting Started: Building Your First App) with step by step training and for other they only mention major part of code no whole activity or layout file code. So, if you are beginner or intermediate android developer, I recommended you to build your first application with Building Your First App tutorial and go through Viral Android’s tutorial because provide all necessary java activity and XML layout code. Android Development – Tutorial is another great place to learn android. This tutorial has more topics with depth concept. Most of the tutorials are based on Android 4.4. It’s quite difficult to learn from this site because you can find little bit more code but if you want to get more information in deep you can start learning from it, you will need a lot of time to read all topic to finish. Android App Development Tutorials - Video Tutorials Series

YouTube is another best place to learn android app development for beginners at free of cost. If you are just beginner, it’s quite easy to learn from video tutorial but it takes lots of time. Building first application and running it through video tutorial is good but always learning from video consumes more time. So, I recommend you to learn, install & setup developing environment and build first app from video tutorial series.

You can find lots of android app development tutorial in YouTube but all of them are not good. So following are some of the best and popular android tutorial in YouTube.

1. TheNewBoston: Android Application Development Tutorials
2. Derek Banas: Android Development For Beginners
3. Android and Android Studio: Getting Started
4. Android Studio Tutorials Search and Post Your Problem Here

StackOverflow is one of the most popular forums sites for programmers and designers.  There are millions of programmers and designers who share their problem and get solution, also suggests to others problems. I saw more than 92 thousand questions tagged under android at the time of writing this article. If you have any problem in developing android app you can search your problem and find right solution. If you could not find proper solution you can post your problem by yourself, other developers may help you. Make sure you’ll describe clearly what your problem is in description so that you will get right solution.

Some of the Most Popular Free Android App Development Tutorials

Above are the website which provides some great tutorials, examples, tips and other android development tutorials. And have I collected some of the android app development topics for beginners, intermediates and experts.

1. Android App Development Tutorial Basic to Advance
2. Build Your First Android App
3. Android User Interface (UI) Design Tutorial
4. Android Video Tutorials: Learn to Develop for Android App
5. Android Material with Design Support Library


I believe reading and practicing only these tutorials are not enough to become a top android developer but these are the great places for you.

I have listed here some best free android tutorials and most of them are focused for beginners. So, I highly recommend you to build your first application through video tutorial and follow each tutorials and examples from I think viral android provides great tutorial and examples for beginner to expert.

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