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Together with the modernized way of employee, employers also chose the best and modernized way for their job to be done. It is not so that every employer should give job to the local employees only, it is not compulsion to call employees everyday in the office and make them work hard.

Everyone wants freedom and in the same way employers provide freedom to employees. Freelancing platforms are best alternatives for every client. It is not a difficult job to find freelancing platforms in the internet but its’ somehow difficult to find best freelancing platforms from the long list of such sites. No any client want their money to be wasted in nonsense way. So, I have collected some reliable, worth-using and best freelancing platforms to give jobs.  They are listed below:

Best freelancing sites for clients

1. Toptal:

 Toptal is a challenging outsourcing marketplace for freelancers but is the most reliable platform for clients. In Toptal, only top 3% freelancers (designers and developers) are verified through various tests and interviews. As Toptal selects only expert freelancers; it is certain that almost every project is completed perfectly. It’s a platform handled by great team, it has very good support. The community is flexible and open amazingly. Here I am listing its’ pros and cons, after seeing them you’ll be able to judge Toptal in your own way.

  -  Reliable and secured payment
  -  Great community with great executive support
  -  Everyone’s opinion gets counted
  -  Passionate and expert developers are the workers

  -  Expensive in comparison to other platforms

2. Upwork:

Two of the great outsourcing marketplaces Elance and oDesk merged to form the best and greater platform Upwork in 2014. Upwork is a perfect tool to those who have thought of hiring someone else to complete their task. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything, it is very easy to use. You can give any job in fixed price rate and also in hourly basis. Upwork gives award like “Top Rated”, “Rising Talent”, etc to the top freelancers and you can chose best among them. It won’t be difficult to choose best freelancer after reviewing their skills, portfolios and previous projects. Let me list out its’ pros and cons now.


  - Can select best freelancer from the list of huge freelancers.
  - Time tracker tracks the time and sends screenshots in time interval
  - Can find freelancers based on their experience level, location, worked hours, etc
  - Reliable
  - Free membership
  - Good support
  - Upwork awards great freelancers to make you easy to choose better one
  - Can refund money back if the freelancer failed to complete the task successfully

  -  Hard to chose best freelancer among many freelancers
  -  Sometimes, you may not get qualitative work
  -  Many unwanted applicants with no experience may apply

3. Freelancer:

Freelancer is an old freelancing platform for outsourcers to have work completed. It is one of the largest outsourcing marketplace with over 8 millions verified users. You can post jobs related many fields i.e. marketing, writing, design, development, etc. You can simply sign up and post a project with its details. You’ll get numbers of bids and its’ you to choose a best among them by reviewing their skills and experiences. After being hired by you, the work will began and you’ll get your job done. You can refund your money back too if your project didn’t go well. Here I have listed its’ pros and cons.


  -  Can find freelancers based on location, low/high bids, experience level, etc.
  -  Can refund money back if the project didn’t go well
  -  Payment can be done via MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, Paypal, and Skrill
  -  Managed by leadership teams


  - Weak support
  - Free membership for single month only
  - Accounts are frequently frozen
  - Many fake users
  - Scamtastic

4. PerplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is outsourcing platform created to connect small businesses with freelancer workers. Be sure your account is verified so that number of freelancers will feel comfortable to send proposals. Whenever you need freelancers for any job, you may simply see their hourlies, experiences, ratings & feedbacks, rates, and skills and can find freelancers of any level. Everyone in the PPH may not be reliable but many of them are totally reliable with good custom invoice. Here are its pros and cons.


  - Reliable platform with
  - Custom invoice
  - Can see feedbacks and ratings of bidders
  - Free membership
  - In hourly jobs, you can see the screenshots of what the freelancer is doing actually


  - Cannot give project to multiple bidders
  - Customer support is not good ( mostly what we get is “no reply” of e-mail)
  - Many fake users

5. iFreelance:

iFreelance is a good freelancing site for clients to post and make their project done. Ifreelance provides the secured services and works of best quality. Every freelancer’s profiles are supervised by the management team of iFreelance and due to which number of fake users is minimized. Freelancers and clients both have to pay to register any account which results into minimization of spam users. For both freelancers and employers, it costs $4.69 for basic accounts, $6.75 for standard account and $9 + additional fees for premium account. Let me point out its’ pros and cons.


  - Minimized fake users
  - No commission taken by iFreelance
  - Easily reachable support

  - No free account available
  - No live chat available
  - Sometimes getting reply of requests and questions may take long time


Nothing in the universe is 100% perfect and no any platform can be 100% perfect. I am trying to find perfection in imperfections. I collected these five outsourcing marketplace being based on some experienced friends and research. If you have any good or bad experience on any of the freelancing platforms, feel free to share your experience in the comment box below and let me know them in various angles. Did you find anything worth watching in this article? If so do not hesitate to share this post so that your friends can see too.

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