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A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. We are in twenty-first century and it is the time for modernization. In this new era, no one loves to live with a traditional way. This is not the time to go to the office everyday in a regular time and work under the order of boss. Everyone deserves to be the boss of own life and to handle the life in own way.
To explore any sort of talent, freelancing is the best way. No any skill is big and small; every skill has value in right place and in right time. Freelancing sites offer us an important opportunity to work in an international way. You can find a lot of freelancing sites in the internet but every site do not provide you a qualitative service and are not reliable. Here, I have collected some freelancing sites which are better than rest of the other sites.

Best freelancing sites


Upwork Vs Toptal: The Best Freelancing Platforms

Getting started with Toptal as a Freelancer

Top 5 best freelancing sites for freelance writers

1. Upwork :

Elance and oDesk merged and formed the biggest platform for freelancing in 2014. Upwork has something for everyone interested in freelancing like programmers, designers, writers, marketers, etc. It is not so that you should be expert to get job, there are jobs with experience level i.e. entry level, intermediate level and expert level. Apply for any project being based on your experience level; you’ll have equal chance to get the job. It offers you special features like:
- Reliable
- Safe and secure payment
- Mobile application for quick conversation (upwork messanger)
- Hourly and fixed jobs
- Faster hiring
- Skill tests
- Good team support

Nothing in the world is 100% perfect and everything suffers from some drawbacks. I have also collected few drawbacks of every freelancing platform. Here are the downsides of Upwork:
- Sometimes, accounts gets automatically gets deleted without proper reason.
- Upwork charges 10% commission from every project.
- There is no limit on bids.

2.Toptal :

As cleared by its’ name, Toptal is a freelancing site for top level freelancers.Toptal mostly focuses on experienced designers and developers and allows them to set their hourly rates by own and its’ not suited for less experienced freelancers or those with different skill sets. If you are at the beginning level in your coding career, don’t waste your time here as you need to go through various levels like skill reviews, live tests and practice projects including tough interview.

Join Toptal

Toptal is good for expert engineers because it offers:
- Own hourly rates
- Experience with top companies
- Reliable
- Payment security
- Least risk
- Focused on quality

- Everyone interested cannot join.
- Very tough to pass the steps (interviews and tests).

3.PeoplePerHour :

PeoplePerHour is mainly UK based freelancing site for freelancers with any experience level. This is suitable for freelancers having any skills as it offers jobs of various categories. You can post your own hourlies being based on your experience and skills showing your best portfolios so that clients directly see your work and hire you for their jobs. Its’ special features include:
- Hourly and fixed rate
- Featuring option
- Less competition
- Reliable

- Problem in payment.
- Takes high commission rate for the projects of high cost.

4.Freelancer :

Freelancer is one of the largest and oldest outsourcing marketplace for freelancers to explore their talent in the projects relevant to their skills and experience level. There is more competition in freelancer however if you have confidence with your skills and can impress clients with your portfolios, it won’t be any difficulty for you to get a first job. It's not difficult to sign up as a freelancer and start earning from home. Here I’ve listed some of its’ special features:
- Large online marketplace
- Wide variety of projects
- Secured payment with various payment systems
- Easy to start

- Very expensive (have to pay for each step)
- Many spam postings.

5.iFreelance :

Ifreelance is a bit different from rest of the freelancing sites. This platform allows freelancers to get 100% of their earning. You can communicate with clients through any means of communication. This is a great platform for freelancers having prior experience in any other freelancing sites. Here are some top features of iFreelance:
- Fraud and spam free
- On-site and Off-site communication
- Good support

- No live-chat, forums and phone support
- No Escrow
-This platform is not for Newbies.

6.SimplyHired :

SimplyHired is a perfect freelancing platform for anyone having skills at any field. Due to the high number of job posts, you’ll see number of new jobs added to the site every time you visit the site. SimplyHired offers you to search the jobs location wise so that you can find the jobs from the location you prefer. Unlike other outsourcing marketplace, SimplyHired is not focused on tech only. Here are its’ special features:
- Flexible search
- Mobile apps to apply quickly
- Jobs for everyone
- Secured payment

- Post cannot be posted directly

7.99designs :

99designs is one of the best outsourcing marketplace for design works. It focuses mainly to the logo & identity design, web & app design, business & advertising designs, books & magazine design and many others. 99designs is a perfect platform for expert designers to explore their abilities. I have collected some of its’ great features, they are:
- Focused on design
- Reliable
- Safe and secure
- Various design categories
- Ready-made logo store
- Easy to implement

- Very low chance of selection for low experienced designers.
- Limited file types.


I wrote this article being based on my own and some friends’ experience. If you think any other freelancing sites are good please mention down in the comment box. For skilled candidates, it won’t be much difficult to get first job. However, everyone should struggle hard for the first time. I also felt very difficult to get first job and I’ve rarely found any freelancers got first job easily. So, have patience and never lose hope. Enjoy Freelancing! :)

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