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Either you are a freelancer, outsourcing company or you just want to transfer your fund to someone or get received. The best way to do this is with online payment gateways. Most of the companies accept credit card as primary payment method but you may not want to use your credit card for many reasons.

In these days many companies have their own digital wallet including Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon etc. If you have a international credit card and your bank allows online transaction, you can easily make account on any of them and start buying right now. 
PayPal is one of the best and most accepted payment method globally but PayPal doesn't accept the credit card of every country to verify an account and some countries don't allow their citizens to send and receive money from foreign country with this kind of methods.
Here are top 5 best online payment options which may be useful for you.

Best online payment gateways

1. PayPal

PayPal is king of online payment solution covering most of the countries and with wide range of users all around the world. People use it as digital wallet to buy product and services online and to make merchant payment globally. Paypal is quick, easy to use and one of the most secured & trusted online payment gateway. You can make payment on the internet or with your smartphone without sharing your important  financial information to the sellers.

Suspension of account if any type of fraud reported
Doesn’t support Debit/Credit Card from all banks of all countries
Chances of freezing account
Limitation on payment, receive or withdraw

2. Skrill

Skrill is one of the great alternative for Paypal to make digital payment simple and secured. Skrill is easy to get started and supports bank and cards of most of the countries. Skrill provides services with co-operation of local financial companies. If you have problem to make or use paypal for various reason, I recommend Skrill as I have also used it for a long time and no serious complaints till now.

Customer Support is not good. I have to say It’s bad.
Excessive fund withholding
Less users and acceptance

3. Payoneer

I think I don’t need to tell you what actually the Payoneer is because it is one of the growing online payment gateways. Most people from outside US are using Payoneer to verify Paypal account with it’s debit card. Payoneer offer to send and receive money from more than 200 countries and accepts over 150 currencies. Payoneer doesn’t only provide you Debit Card it also offers global bank transfer for payouts. Thousands of companies around the world accept  Payoneer as secured payment method.

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High Transaction fees
Low exchange rate
Limited private payments

4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is open source new kind of digital money that uses P2P technology. Another interesting part of the Bitcoin is there is no any central authority or bank to manage transactions and issue currency. Service fees are comparatively lower and has good support. You can make worldwide payment with bitcoin as alternatives of Paypal or your credit card. Bitcoin is released under MIT license.

Irreversible Transactions
Fluctuation may lead to loss (you can make profit from speculation also)
Resistant to government regulation

5. Payza

Payza is another great alternative of PayPal for online transactions that accepts payments from over 190 countries all around the world. You don’t need to pay for signup and there is also no any monthly and yearly fees. Payza offers support from live chat and email. You can also get Payza credit card if you don’t have one already.

High interest rates on credit card
Huge Fund Holding

Before writing this article, I made transactions with most of above mentioned payment gateway for about at least six month but I am regularly using PayPal and Skrill and I am satisfied till date. When I researched online and offline with people who used above payment method for short or long time, PayPal is the King of online transaction as it is supported by 99% of companies who deal online. The bad I found is Payza, not for me but when I search on forums to see what the complaints about it, more than 90% of complaints include fund holding for long time. The above top 5 online payment gateways are what I found good to list if you think any other alternatives, please mention in comments. 

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