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WordPress is the largest self-hosted website content management system powering around 20% of the total websites which was started in 2003. WordPress is very easy to use, highly customizable, seo friendly and completely free to use for any purpose. You can run a simple blog to a multi seller online store in WordPress. So anything possible in web is possible with WordPress.

WordPress is built on PHP but you don't need to be a PHP ninja (a basic understanding of PHP will be enough) to make a blog, dynamic business site or a simple online store but if you are, that would be great to work on wordpress. WordPress is easy to learn but as nothing is easy until you learn, you need to follow right tutorial to learn quickly and effectively. In this tutorial, I have collected top 10 WordPress tutorials that are enough to make you an expert wordpress developer.

Best wordpress tutorials

1.  WordPress Codex:

WordPress Codex is the place where you can get the core of WordPress. It will be much better if the beginners put their first step of wordpress from here. Everyone can learn from this site as it contains simple and basic information to advanced features. WordPress Codex contains every tools and instructions of wordpress. WordPress Codex also has forum where you can post any question that made you confused, you can also search your problem there which might have already been questioned and answered before you. Some people answer with all code there and some people share a valuable link where your problem can be solved. So, don’t keep your head aching, instead post a question and get answer then eventually feel relieved. 
In WordPress Codex, all tutorials are free of cost.

2. contains tutorials of many fields and has been a perfect place for video tutorials. It is very important institution for anyone willing to learn anything. stays like the wide door in the process of learning wordpress. The best part of is you can learn WordPress through video tutorial which seems a bit more interesting. Tutorial videos in are professionally made with transcripts and together with this, content for newbie is also available. Among many tutorials in, some are under the minimum quality than professional tutorials but tutorials by Morten Rand-Hendriksen are more frequently authorized. He has made tutorials in easy way, step-by-step learning.
The tutorials in are not free. They cost $19.99 to $34.99 per month depending on the level of plan.

3. Team Treehouse:

Team Treehouse is another great place to learn wordpress. You’ll get video tutorials and transcripts in the Team Treehouse with classified levels of learning. Do you want tutorials for basic level of wordpress or simply are you a beginner? Don’t get worried, go to team treehouse and find tutorials for beginners and eventually learn in an easy with interaction with tutor Zac Gordon. After learning something, you can take a quiz and increase your confidence level in Team Treehouse. Team treehouse contains free written tutorials and paid premium quality video tutorials. Paid tutorials also vary with plan.
In basic plan, they provide access to 1000 plus videos, can practice live with their Code Challenge Engine, can get help in their member-only-forum at $25/month. Similarly, in pro plan, all the services of basic plan are provided along which watching talk from industry leaders, inclusive bonus content and video downloading to learn offline are added which costs $49/month. Also free trial for 14 days is provided, you can watch and can go for further paid plan if liked free trial.

4. Tuts Plus:

Tuts plus is one of the best sources for the plenty of tutorials, courses and books. Most of the tutorials in Tuts+ are for wordpress themes and plugins. The tutorials are of high quality and are easy to understand. The content in Tuts plus is impressive which can simply make a learner more attentive.
The tutorials in Tuts Plus are completely free and for premium courses it costs $15/month. You can enjoy learning in Tut Plus to learn wordpress.

5. WP Sessions:

WP Sessions is another great place to learn wordpress who have some knowledge of wordpress while this is just a good place for beginners who are completely new in wordpress. This site contains the sessions given by wordpress experts. The records of the live presentation of wordpress professionals in a webinar style are recorded and kept here safely which are the great sources to learn WordPress.
Be a member of WP Sessions and enjoy frequently added courses at $299 per year.

6. WP Beginner:

Most of the time, the name of business and site shows the type and function of that business and in the same way WP Beginner is also clarified by its’ name. WP Beginner is focused for absolute beginners. If you have no any knowledge of wordpress and you are willing to learn this, WP Beginner is the best place for you. As the tutorials are made for beginners, it will be much easy to understand. WP beginner contains written tutorials, video tutorials, glossary, guides, etc so that it can be complete in itself.
WP Beginner is completely free. To learn wordpress, go for it.

7. BobWP:

BobWP is another great online resource to learn wordpress managed by a WordPress consultant Bob Dunn. Mainly his tutorials are focused on setting wordpress, customizing themes, adding plugins, etc. BobWP contains video tutorials taught by Bob and are pretty amazing.
Tutorials in BobWP are not free.

8. is a place where many videos of wordpress are collected from wordpress events like WordCamp, Meetups, etc. Everyone interested in wordpress can’t attend the event due to many reasons and is the great place to see the videos from the events. In wordpress events, many important tips, tricks, information about wordpress are shared which give some extra and important knowledge of wordpress. is completely free and is an important place to gain important knowledge of wordpress.

9.  Udemy:

With the growing online teaching and learning places, Udemy is one of the best platforms to learn online. Udemy is a virtual educational institution with varieties of courses by different people. In Udemy, more than 30000 courses are available and more than nine students. Among many series of video tutorials, you can choose best by yourself.
Udemy contains free tutorials and paid tutorials. Go for any WordPress tutorial series you like.

10. WP101:

WP101 contains set of wordpress tutorial videos that are made professionally. They say reading books and learning is a classic method and hence they have made video tutorials to modernize the teaching and learning technique with the ongoing modernization. Tutorial topics include almost everything that may be some basic level tutorials and advanced level tutorials.
WP101 includes some free videos but free videos are only few. For paid one, you can choose monthly, yearly or lifetime access at different cost. 41 videos access, introduction to wordpress, WP 101 & 102 series, yoast SEO course and member-only forum are services for monthly access. In yearly, videos uploaded within that year are added and in lifetime access, every videos uploaded till the end of life are available. 30 days access costs $15/month, 12 months access costs $35/year and lifetime access costs $75/lifetime. Choose one among these and start learning.


WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform. So, don’t stay back if you are interested in blogging or making career in wordpress development. Everything sounds difficult until we understand it, but after understanding nothing is difficult. Let’s learn wordpress and make it easy, make blogging and wordpress developing career more effective. There are hundreds of places to learn wordpress online and many of them are good enough. Here, I have collected 10 best places to learn wordpress, some of them are free and some are paid. If you know some other sites which are better places to learn website, please mention down in the comment box so that readers can get more information. Also, if you found this post informative don’t forget to share and let your friends know best places to learn wordpress. Have a great time ahead with wordpress. :)

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