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Facebook is one of the best places to grow your business online with less investment or say it zero investment. Facebook page helps to inform your audience/clients about your product, services and latest offer. You can get feedback from your clients that can help to make or change your business policy so that you can grow your sales and revenue together. You can sell product or services directly from Facebook or share a link of your website to increase sales.

But, everything is not easy as talking. You have to work hard, give enough time, give quick response of comments and message, be patience and before everything your Facebook page should be attractive. In this article, I am going to share some of the best techniques to increase you Facebook page likes so that your business also will be increased.
Increase likes on facebook page

1. Create a Facebook Page that Reflects your Business

Creating a Facebook Page is simple, may be you have created one for your business, personal or just for fun. Creating a professional Facebook page is not difficult but you have to be very careful and you need to be professional. Do not leave any field empty until you don't have any information to put but it doesn't mean to provide wrong information but try not to leave important information such as about, email, contact number, website URL, your services etc. Your profile picture of the page should be a logo (if the page is for a business), clear photo (if you are celebrity) and photo that reflects the type of your page if you are running community page. Use a meaningful and professional cover photo so that people could say "WOW" when visiting your page. If you need a custom Facebook cover photo Contact a Professional Graphic Designer.

2. Invite People to Like your Page

The first step after creating a Facebook page is inviting your own friends to like your page. It is easy to invite Facebook friends and get some likes depending on how many friends you have on Facebook. It’s sure everyone is not going to like your page but in the beginning, this feature really helps to make some likes so you can show your page to other audience.

3. Post Contents Relevant to your Profession

Don’t post about your personal activities (if you are not a public figure) because people like your page to get informed about your products and services not what you do and to like your personal photos. While posting on your facebook page consider posting a photo with content or links so that post can attract more audience and reach maximum people that can also help to increase likes.

4. Post regularly but not frequently

Posting regularly definitely helps to grow the reaches and likes on the post as well as Facebook Page but posting frequently makes your audience irritating and they may unlike your page. Posting frequently is only good for news and media as people want to get updated every moment.  As my experience for a business posting two qualitative posts in a day is enough.

5. Response Quickly

When you post on your page, interested people may comment or directly message you for inquiry. Responding quickly doesn’t only helps to make a sale from Facebook but also to increase the likes of your Facebook page.  If you care your business, you have to take care of your audience.

6. Write Blog Posts and Share on your Facebook Page

Writing blog is another great idea to increase traffic on your website and increase sales. To increase likes of your facebook page you can share links of the posts and interested audience will come to visit site as well as your facebook page. If you don’t have a blog or website for your business I am experienced front-end developer you can directly contact me or Contact a Web Development Company.

7. Share Page and Posts to Related Groups

Join some groups where your targeted people may have joined and share your page, posts and other information so that people come to your page and like to get informed what you post next time.  You can share your experiences, problem and solution for other’s problem. Your engagements on groups can helps to grow your business and facebook page likes together and these kind of likes will be more relevant, valuable and one day your clients/customers.

8. Get Likes from other Social Media

If you have more audience on other social media such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. let them know you are also on facebook. Share links of your facebook page with request to like and definitely you will get more likes because they care about you and your business.

9. Add like button on your website

I believe you have at least a website for your business because adding a facebook like button on website helps to grow your facebook page likes and sales together if you have enough traffic on your website but don’t worry if you don’t have website yet, contact a web development company you can get a basic website for about $150. I am also front-end developer contact me on facebook.

10. Promote your page and contents

Finally, if you don’t have time to do all above things, you can promote your page or posts to targeted audience.  Cost may vary depending upon country you target and your desired number of likes. This is also effective because you can choose age group, location, interest etc. If you want to increase likes of your facebook page, promote your page and if you have a post/any offer that you want to be reached on maximum audience, just promote your specific post.


If you have time, increasing engagements on your posts and page can be enough to get the like from those people who care about your business but if you don’t have time but wants to increase likes in short duration, you have to spend on promotion. When you choose second method, please at least make your Facebook Page professionally and post regularly otherwise your investment will be wasted. If you think any other better ways to increase like on facebook page, mention on the comments.

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