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Do you know who don’t use Facebook? May be a small child who just got chance to see this amazing world, may be a couple dating first time, may be some people who don’t know what the internet is? In a tech survey I asked for about 50 educated people same question “What is Internet?” 20 people answered me “Facebook”. Why I am sharing this experience is, people who know internet, they know Facebook well. Okey, you enjoy Facebook, share your moments and connect with friends and relatives I don’t have problem but why don’t you make few dollars while watching TV, waiting for someone at station and while having coffee.

There is no doubt Facebook plays a great role to connect with friends and relatives, to get fast information what’s going around the world and to share every moments as status, picture and videos. Beside all these, facebook helps to promote business and even you can sell your product or services directly. I don’t have enough time to spend on facebook everyday but to write this article and to realize how much actually can generate, I spend 5 days 2 to 3 hours everyday and made successfully $217 and I believe you can also make this easily. In this article, I am going to explain what you need and how can you make money from facebook.

Ways to earn from facebook

What You Need In Order To Make Money With Facebook

1. Make Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page with enough likes (at least 100,000) than you are very close to make money. If you don’t have already, make one page upload a nice cover photo and profile picture. If you want a unique and creative cover photo and profile picture, contact a good graphic designing company. Sirseni Technology provides all these designing services at very affordable cost. Once your page is ready to post, share good contents frequently you can also promote page if you want maximum likes in short duration but you don’t need to pay if you have time and if your contents are interesting.

2. Join Groups

Join business and other large groups and share your contents. Please do not share irrelevant content and more than one post a day you may get blocked by individual member or from whole group or even Facebook.

3. Join Affiliate Programs

Maximum eCommerce site and marketplaces offer affiliate programs. With an affiliate program, you can get commission by selling their products and services. Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Envato, etc are few to mention here.

4. Make a landing Page

Landing page is a simple website where you can give information about you and your companies and also contact information etc. You need this because only with Facebook profile, page and groups people may not believe you when you offer ad space on your page. To design a landing page at less than $100 contact Sirseni Technology.

How Can I make Money With Facebook?

When you have at least one Facebook page with enough likes, join 50 business groups and made account on few affiliate programs (Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Envato, etc). Now you are ready to generate income from Facebook.

1.Posting Advertisement

You can charge $1 to $5 per 1000 reaches depending on country and advertiser. Contact local business who frequently promote their business on the internet and offer your packages. To contact advertiser you can use Facebook message, email, directory listing website and phone number if available.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs offer good commission when you make a sale for theme. For example Amazon pays up to 10% commission on every sale. It means if you sale a iPhone 6 Plus that costs $700 and your commission rate is 6% you will earn $42. To promote affiliate products, you can use your own profile, pages and groups.

3. Facebook Page Management

All people have no time to make their business page up to date and they can’t hire full time employee just to share 2/3 post a day. So you will have to do this. Find people, business who has Facebook page for their business but not regularly updated. Offer them your monthly, weekly or daily package and earn money for few post about their business.

4. Facebook Videos

Facebook videos are becoming popular every days. If you have time to capture interesting videos or have video editing skills, you can earn money by uploading videos on your page. Facebook displays ad with your videos and pays you your commission.

Facebook is fun to earn you can directly offer your services on Facebook page and groups. If you have any other skills, It will be easy to grow up with Facebook. Making money with Facebook is not difficult but not too easy as every business are complicated, You have to give passion and quality time to live with Facebook. Please comment your suggestion and ideas or message me to make this article informative and qualitative. Share this to your social medias to your friends so they can also think to make money from Facebook.

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