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Choosing a best ecommerce solution for your next level of business is as difficult as to choose a brighter star on the sky because there are around 100s of e-commerce solution and all of them say they are the only one best and secured ecommerce provider in the market. I am not going to list out the entire ecommerce solution provider here nor few best among them. In this article I will only talk about one of the best ecommerce solution Shopify and make you clear why you should choose Shopify and why you should not? Why Shopify is right for you and why not for you? Why Shopify is best ecommerce solution and why it is worst one? To whom Shopify is perfect ecommerce solution and to whom it is incomplete?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce solution where entrepreneurs can create an online store, sell products on the web, implement their own design, make payment with credit card or other payment gateways like PayPal. Shopify is easy to get started you don't need to be a expert developer to run a secured online store and manage it but if you need more customization and advanced features definitely you should hire a front-end developer and a shopify developer.

Shopify Features

  • Shopify comes with mobile commerce ready. Your store will be fully responsive and cross browser compatible. 
  •  Use your own custom domain e.g yourdomain.com
  •  Shopify provides easy web based website builder to build your store or simple page.
  •  Shopify features a simple blogging platform too. So if you want to post something that's easy with shopify.
  •  Shopify get automatic carrier shipping rates from popular carriers.
  •  With shopify you can integrate around 70 payment gateways from bitcoin to paypal. Credit card integration is also easy with shopify.
  • Your store will be multi-language supported.
  •  Email templates
  • Search Engine Optimized store to rank your store on the top of search engine
  • Sale your product on facebook
  • Inventory Management system to manage your products on the store.
  • Shopify also supports digital products. If your are selling software, ebook, themes etc. shopify can be the right choice.
  • Shopify backups your site on daily basis
  • Faster experience and 99.99% server uptime
  • Can easily handle 100s of sales order per minute and offers unlimited bandwidth

How Secured is Shopify?

While talking about the security, Shopify has less complaints about security compared with other e-commerce platform.

Shopify Performance

I have found few negative complaints about Shopify performance but in average server performance is good but the speed may vary depending on theme you choosen and the assets you uploaded.

Resources and Developer Availability

Shopify is an established ecommerce platform running 100s of thousends online store so you don’t need to be worried about the resources and availability of developers. Shopify has their own marketplace for themes & apps required for an online store and you can find resources on other third party marketplace such as Themeforest. You may need experienced developer to develop an unique theme and apps, you can find freelancer starting from $5 per hours for your special requirements.


While talking about the cost for a ecommerce, we have to analysis the cost of design and development, server and maintenance. To find out design and development cost of the Shopify, I did research on various freelancing sites, with my own clients and forums. A basic online store can be design and developed only for $400 and if you have planning for a complex store with modern design that may cost more than $3000. A store with basic and necessary features with some inportant requirements can be developed on budget of $1000 to $1500.

For hosting, Shopify offers different packages starting from $9 per month for a basic plans but to run a store online this plan is not sufficient and you have to pay at least $29 per month taht features 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products, discount code engine. If you want to run a large ecommerce online, you can get everything unlimited at $179 per month. Click here to check all plans and features.

Advantages of Shopify

The most important thing to consider while choosing an ecommerce platform is speed and security of the server, Shopify is great for that.
Shopify comes with all the necessary features that requires to run a store online and even if you need some extra that’s also possible with ad-ons or programming.
Shopify has great customer support as compared to other ecommerce platform.
Shopify is easy to use and customize.
No need to be a technical expert to start a Shopify shop.

Disadvantages of Shopify

As Shopify says it is multi language platform, it requires several hacks.
Almost everything is possible but requires everywhere money
No one-page checkout
Real time shipping and discounts is not available for less expensive plans
Need to be dependent on third party for core upgrades
You need to pay transaction fees


Shopify is great to get started with an online store. You don’t need any coding experience just to make a store up and running. One thing I really liked about is the documentation provided by Shopify that helps anyone to run a online store easily. If you are planning to run a online store for the first time and have limited budget, I recommend to use Shopify but If your dream is not a small online store to sale few products and if you want everything on your own control forget Shopify. Please leave a comment to make this article more informative, reliable and qualitative.

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