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There is no doubt WordPress is most popular Content Management System powering around 20% of total websites. WordPress is well known for easy to use, resource availability and developer availability. You don’t need to be an expert programmer to make a website or blog up and running but have you ever noticed you wanted to make something different than what your theme offers and that is not possible without a programmer? If you yourself wish to be a WordPress programmer, you can get a list of Best tutorial sites here. Your most of requirements in website can be solved with millions of plugins available in wordpress but have you ever noticed security, loading time and customization issues while using them?
 You can find thousands of posts on the internet focusing only on advantages of wordpress but nothing is perfect and complete in itself. Being a wordpress developer, I have worked on 100s of website with wordpress and obviously I am using wordpress in one of my own site. I don’t need to say here about the advantages of wordpress because you know as you are around it for a long time. In this post, I am going to point out some of the disadvantages of wordpress that every developers and entrepreneur must know.

Avoid wordpress

1. High chance of being hacked:

Our website contains many important data and information for sure. Those important data should be safe and secured. But, I cannot say with you that your data are safe and secured in wordpress. There is high chance of your site being hacked in WordPress. There are many programmers whose main objective is hacking. They hack different sites in many ways, they may seize information of your site through e-mail, plug-ins, direct password (if its’ weak), etc. Many plug-in are made to hack any site. One of my wordpress site was also hacked and it brought a heavy tension in my head. So, using free plug-ins is an easy way to take your website in the hand of hackers.

You can see in wordpress forums where most of the queries and problems are about website got hacked. Also, WordPress is an open source and its’ code, hacking tricks are openly shared in many other websites. WordPress may be good from many other prospects but I must say it’s bad in terms of security. For the sake of security, you must avoid WordPress.

2. Plug-ins don’t work properly in E-commerce site:

There are many plugin available for the wordpress site or simply I can say that a good website is incomplete without any plug-in. Mostly, E-commerce sites require multi features and for multi features, many plug-in are required. They are made for common purposes or for every websites. They require update time and again. Many times in E-commerce sites, plug-ins don’t work, they don’t function well. Sometimes, while using multi plug-in, their combination doesn’t match. They may not perform well together.
So, if you own an E-commerce site in WordPress, plug-ins may cause headache. They may not function in a good way instead, a serious problem may arise.

3. Many issues during customization:

Right after we buy any WordPress theme, we need some customization to make the site of our own style. Again, we need a programmer here. While doing this, it becomes expensive in one side and next thing is the programmer may take some information which makes him easy to hack your site. Also, the customization is done under the limit of wordpress platform. So, everything is not possible in WordPress.

4. Bad customer Security:

When you are handling any E-commerce site, you have your own customers and their information. But, when your site gets hacked, the information of your customers is leaked. You cannot provide full security of your customer if your site is developed in WordPress. E-commerce sites are the most common target of hackers because they hold more data including the credit card details of customers.
So, you can never claim of full security for customers in E-commerce site built with wordpress.

5. Functions limited:

You know what happens when you are qualified in one language and have a little knowledge of another language. In unqualified language, you cannot challenge to perform every function. Same goes on WordPress. It was originally made for blog posts and focuses on blog posts rather than Content Management System.


There are hundreds of blog posts showing the advantages of WordPress but who cares when your site gets hacked? Or who cares when you are in trouble due to the customization?
Once one of my sites was also hacked, during that time I still hadn’t learnt wordpress yet and I directly tried to find the solution over the internet but what I found is hundreds of people asked same question in forums but no solution at all. That day, I really regretted for using wordpress. So, I don’t want you to get regret and hence I planned to share it here.

Probably you are also using WordPress and might have got many problems. Please feel free to share them here in the comment box below so that this post can be more informative.  Also, share this post to your friends and let them know why should they avoid WordPress. Enjoy blogging, Enjoy Programming. 

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