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Freelancing sites help people searching for part-time and full-time jobs to find perfect project that pays higher rate and gives opportunity to learn and earn some extra money. Jobs are posting for beginners to expert and hourly to fixed rate. You don't need go to office everyday and work under pressure. Find some jobs that match your skills and work virtually. You don't need to worry until you have power to charge your laptop and internet access. Go to your bed, open out your laptop and start freelancing.

There are a lot of freelancing sites and none of them stay back to claim themselves as the best freelancing site. Yeah, they are best in their own way, but few of them are good for everyone. Some of them are focused only for paid users, some of them are only for experienced freelancers but very few of them are for everyone. Among those few, let me enter to the best freelancing site “Upwork”. You know one thing? When two good students go for combined study, they obtain the better result. In the same way two of the great freelancing sites (Elance and oDesk) merged to give a better product with a strong vision of building a workplace for the world and it is named as Upwork. Upwork is the perfect place to get to work, grow your business and do what matters to you.

Best place to start freelancing

Why Upwork is right for freelancers?

With no any doubt, I can say that upwork is a perfect place for freelancers who have skills of writing, marketing, graphics, web design & development, software development, etc. The Upwork team tries its best to make a success of any freelancers. Working in upwork is surely working with leading team and great clients. Upwork lets you work no matter where are you from, how much experiences do you have and what type of skills do you have but be sure you are not fake. Upwork formulates an extra and effective way to encourage freelancers to keep freelancing. It rewards honest and hardworking freelancers while suspends accounts if any fraud found. Upwork is fully reliable with protected payments and also they have great customer supports. If you are interesting in freelancing, I suggest you directly go to Upwork, sign in as a freelancer and start working, you’ll surely love it.   We spend our time hanging on social media, television, etc so why not spend time in Upwork and explore talents and eventually get financial benefit.

Can Newbie work on Upwork?

No matter either you are a newbie or have been freelancing, Upwork is there for you. Everyone can work on Upwork independent of their location, experience level, skill field, etc. You can work in Upwork as an individual freelancer or agency if you have a team of freelancers.

Getting started with Upwork

Haven’t you been to upwork yet? If so, make an account right now and choose a membership plan (basic or plus membership). I suggest you to choose basic membership at first so that you can make it premium after rising your earning. Basic freelancer’s account and basic one-person agency’s account are free with 60/60 connects. Similarly for freelancer plus account and multi-person agency’s account it costs $10 and $20 respectively. 70 connects are provided for premium account of freelancers and for premium agencies’ account, 80 connects are provided. You can buy connects at any time at the rate of $1 for one connect. These connects will be required to apply for any project. After signing up, complete your profile. Add your clear and professional portrait picture with plain background, targeted skills meanwhile don’t forget to put your best skills at the top, portfolio, experiences, phone number, education, availability hours, languages, impressing overview, link your upwork with social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google-plus, etc , also add your desired hourly rate, For new freelancers, I suggest an low rate as clients will hesitate to pay high for newbie and eventually make your profile 100% completed. Until your profile is 100% completed and is verified, it will be invisible to others. After these all, set up payment method and info for protected payment.

How to find works that match your skills?

Managing your job feed will be very easy task for you. Click to “find jobs”, enter your core skill/skills in the search box at the same time see at the left hand side where you can see filter options. Filter and get perfect job for you. After searching and filtering, don’t forget to add them to your job feed. Here, you’ll see hourly jobs and fixed-price jobs. Both types are good in their part, choose those which you feel comfortable and get ready to send proposal.

Submitting effective proposals on Upwork

After finding perfect job, you have to submit a proposal to get job. Before sending proposal see the full description of job and client. Be aware of those clients whose payment method is not verified, whose hire rate is less than 50% and whose rating is low. If everything is well, get ready to submit a proposal. Write a cover letter with very impressing writing and being based on the job description, answer the questions (if asked) and if you want send a copy of your CV or any attachment. Don’t write lengthy and unnecessary things in the cover letter. Make it short and sweet. If client liked your proposal and wanted to have an interview, he/she will inbox you. Don’t get worried, this interview is no tough. Be polite, impress client and get hired. While client hires you, you’ll get it as an offer, accept it and start working.

Getting paid from Upwork

After working, getting paid is the most important task, isn’t it? Obviously, it is for me. But being an Upwork freelancer, there is no meaning of worrying about payment as payment from upwork is very secured and protected. You can receive your payment through Direct Deposit/ACH, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Local Funds Transfer (LFT), Payoneer and Skrill. Choose a suitable payment method, but if you want to know which payment method is good and which is bad to use Click Here. In this way, get your payment, rise your earning and enjoy freelancing. Never say “I cannot do this.” instead start saying “I must do this.” Nothing is impossible so make it happen and enjoy your life in a unique way. To know about the top list of freelancing sites, click Here and you can choose some more freelancing sites too for you.


In this way, I found Upwork the best place to start freelancing. I have been in Upwork since long and I am fully satisfied with its features, support and so on. If you found anything interesting about upwork and you think you need to share, don’t hesitate to write it down in the comment box below. Also, Share this post to your friends through social media and make your friends know about upwork and let them freelance. Keep freelancing and encourage others also to this field. Have an amazing experience with Upwork.

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