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Avada is best selling WordPress theme in themeforest- the most popular theme marketplace with more than 180,000 over sales ( when I am writing this). Everyone prefer avada because it is user friendly, easy to use, offers lots of features, regular update and the popularity. Avada is being used by around 20 million people and that leads to believe other people avada is the best one. But it is not true in reality. There are other leaders of WordPress themes  offering better than avada in various marketplace and even in themeforest itself.
Only offering a lot of features doesn’t make a theme perfect if another developer is required to make a website or if it takes few days only to understand the documentation. A perfect theme should load faster, be SEO and mobile friendly, easy to use and understand, secured and flexible. In this article, I am going to explain some of the defects of Avada theme and give you some alternatives for Avada.

Disadvantages of Avada WordPress Theme.

Avoid Avada Wordpress Theme

1. Complex

Avada offers a lot of features and you will use only few of them but to make your website up and running, everything need to upload on the server. It takes lots of time to understand the documentation or may be you need to follow a tutorial to make a site with Avada. If you give few more time and follow some good wordpress development tutorial, you don’t need to use Avada and other third party themes. You can find some best place to learn wordpress here.You will be able to make your own theme in few days that can cover your basic requirements and you can learn further if needed.

2. Slow Loading

One of the major cons of Avada theme is slow loading. Generally loading time not only depends upon the themes you are using but it depends because lots of scripts and other unnecessary codes make a theme to load slower. While testing demo site, the average loading time is not bad but that can’t be maintained in regular website if you don’t know how to make a website loading faster and that makes a website to load slower.

3. Security

Security is major concern for any kind of websites. It is believed and found that the chances of hacking WordPress site is higher. Avada is used by millions of people means many people (hackers) know or want to know how Avada is developed because if any small mistake found, they can hack thousands of website. Not only Avada, themes with higher users are in more risk than with lower users.

4. There is not only Avada

Avada is not only one theme supported by WordPress. You have thousands of alternatives to build a website with WordPress. You can directly hire a wordpress developer to make a website exactly what you are looking for with only required codes and functions. If you are bounded by budget and know basic of wordpress, choose a theme that match your requirements and doesn’t includes lots of unusable features. If you want a theme that can be used to build lots of websites, there is not only Avada. Here are some of the best alternatives of Avada WordPress Theme.

5. Dependency

Are you a WordPress Developer ? A Web Development Company ? or a Businessman ? You know about business portfolio better than me. Being dependent on one product may lead to loss one day that’s why we invest in different products and services to secure profit for long term. Same as business portfolio, we should not use only one theme for all the websites or for all the clients. Specially for developers, you should create better than Avada or other themes don’t limit your skills from a wordpress developer to theme customizer.


Avada is one of the most popular WordPress themes available today but it is not the ultimate solution to develop a website. You don’t need to use a theme if you know wordpress (you can build better for your purpose of site), there are lots of themes in marketplace they may match your business and content requirements better than Avada and if you want a complex, there are also alternatives for Avada. Give a try to them. Comments, suggestion and encouragement are always welcomed. Rock your business, career and the life!!!

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