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When the season changes we should change our living style with demand of the season. During the arrival of summer and winter, many people get infected with seasonal health problem which may even get serious. When the winter starts we simply cannot change our lifestyle to adjust in winter. The temperature of outer environment changes, our body cannot balance with the inner high temperature and outer cold temperature. As a result simple health problems like swelling fingers, cough, common cold, etc and serious health problems like heart attack, asthma, flu, etc may attack us.

Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. To stay warm during winter staying around AC and heater is not only the idea. Winter can’t take away our hunger so we must be careful while consuming foods also. Eating random foods or favorite foods is never a way to stay away from winter. It’s very important to think of foods to eat during winter and foods not to eat in winter. Consuming off-season foods is never good for health because they are stored for a long time and are not fresh and they lack nutrients. Here in this post, I have collected ten foods not to consume in winter to stay healthy in winter.

1. Dairy products:

Dairy products are highly responsible in thickening of mucus and some of them also are responsible in production of mucus. Dairy products like cheese, milk, paneer, curd, etc assist in congestion. Also they are heavy diet and eventually they cause difficulty in digestion. Together with this, they produce toxins inside the body and create disturbance in breathing. One of the dairy product i.e. curd taken in the winter is also responsible for a chronic disease called Asthma.

Dairy products

2. White sugar(Refined sugar):

White sugar is highly refined sugar which contains high proportion of chemicals and everyone knows consumption of chemicals is harmful in almost every cases. Whenever we consume white sugar we are killing our white blood cells and we are inactivating our immune system. Soft drinks, beer, wine, chocolates, breads, etc are rich in white sugar. So, better stay away from these items during winter.

White sugar

3. Corn:

Corn plants are not cultivated during winters and I guess you’ll know how they are. Either they planted in winter forcefully by using maximum chemicals or they are cultivated in summer and are stored till winter. In addition to this, corns are heavy foods which simply cannot be digested during winter. You can take canned corn by avoiding fresh corn during winter.


4. Asparagus:

Asparagus is in season in spring which can simply be cleared its color (light green) while vegetables that are dark green in color are in season in winter. Consuming the vegetable of spring in the winter is obviously harmful for health. For better health, we should choose dark green colored vegetables during winter.


5. Fried foods:

I think everyone loves fried and spicy foods during winter but doctors suggest us to avoid fried foods as possible as we can in winter. You know why? It’s because fried products are rich in calories and fat. Consumption of foods containing high fat and calories during winter causes heart related diseases (mainly heart attack), inflammation, obesity, etc. and also decreases immunity power.

fried foods

6. Coffee:

Many of us believe that coffee warms us and coffee should be taken during winter. But we are unaware about the back sides of coffee. Coffee, tea, etc contain caffeine which causes dehydration in our body. Dehydration thickens the mucus and eventually we ourselves are harmed. Green tea and green vegetables soup can be used as the alternative of coffee and milk in order to remain healthy.


7. Eggs and Red Meat:

Eggs and Meat (especially red meat) are heavy foods they take almost 48 hours to get digested. Meat contains high protein which produces high and thick mucus in the throat. In comparison to meat, fishes and poultry contain low protein. So it becomes better if you less down the consumption of meat during winter.

red meat

8. Off season fruits and vegetables:

Off season fruits and vegetables contain very low nutrients or we can say no nutrients. During storing and shipping the sugar begins to break down and vitamins and minerals also degrade relatively. The real taste of these fruits and vegetables is already lost. In case of vegetables dark green colored vegetables are cultivated in winter so we should choose such vegetables avoiding light colored vegetables.

off season fruits and vegetables

9. White flour (maida):

In white flour, the milled yellow of wheat is removed bleaching and the bleached white flour causes indigestion and produces toxic inside our body. This may also even cause the blockage in large intestine and also inflammation in the intestinal lining.

white floor

10. Bananas:

Bananas are sweet and they are heavy. As a result, is takes long time to digest bananas inside the body. The problem of indigestion is common almost certain after eating bananas during winter.



Winter may be the favorite season of many people but winter welcomes many diseases. Our lifestyle and food we consume greatly affects our health. To stay healthy during winter we should know what to eat in winter and what not to eat.

In this post, I collected a list of foods to avoid during winter with the help of some doctors and research sites. If you think any other foods are harmful to consume during winter, please don’t hesitate to mention down in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your friends to make them healthy during winter and so as to make this post more informative. Adopt healthy lifestyle, consume healthy foods and Enjoy winter! Take Care! 

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