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To stay healthy this winter you have to include these 5 foods in your daily menu.

Foods play an important role in winter to stay far from cold but some foods seems beneficial but affects negatively our body.  You may think why should I control eating habit for winter when I have AC at home, work and car? No, that's not true, if you want to be healthy and beauty every time and every season, you have to control your eating habit. In winter season we have fewer options of fresh foods than in summer and most of nonseasonal foods that are stored or shipped for long time are really bad for our health.

In this article we are going to suggest you top 5 best foods you should eat in winter season.

1. Pomegranates

Fruit to eat in winter

Pomegranate is one of the most nutritious fruits and believed it is one of the oldest fruits in world. Who doesn't like fruit with ruby-colored seeds are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories?  Pomegranates contain high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols, potent antioxidants offering protection against heart disease and danger cancer. Drinking a cup of pomegranate juice daily can help to reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, and congestive heart failure that has more antioxidants compared to red wine, green tea, blueberries, and cranberries.

2. Fennel

herbs to eat in winter

Fennel has feathery leaves on top of it, a round, onion-like shaped bulb on the bottom, and the taste like licorice throughout, is one of the stranger vegetables out there to eat in winter. Fennel is one of the best vegetables to relief from anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual and disorders.

3. Ginger tea

tea for winter

Ginger is great vegetable (herb) to eat in winter season. Ginger has thermogenic properties that can keep you warm and healthy in winter and can also boost metabolism and promote blood flow. If you don't like plain ginger tea and want some better taste, you can add a spoon of honey, cinnamon and few drops of lemon for a cup. Ginger tea is beneficial to prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, improve stomach performance, reduce inflammation and Improve blood circulation.

4. Soup

winter soup

In winter, soup that contains ginger, garlic, chicken or mutton broth, pepper and chilly can be one of the perfect foods to eat every day. Not only soup, but some foods containing more water and spicy like Thukpa, etc are also beneficial to eat in winter. The soup made by cooking bones of mutton and beef can also help to stay healthy in winter season.

5. Potatoes

vegetable for winter

Unlike other starches like white rice and white bread, potatoes are very good for our health and specially for winter season because they contains Vitamin B, Vitamin B6 and folate also. While purchasing potatoes, consider choosing purple potatoes (also called red potatoes in some countries) rather than white one which is rich in anthocyanins-antioxidants.


Health is our invaluable wealth, so be careful while eating. Only changing eating habit is not sufficient to stay healthy. You should take care of every aspect of your daily life. In this article we have listed only 5 foods that are beneficial during winter, you can find more foods list to eat in winter or consult a doctor.If you know other foods that are really beneficial in winter, please mention in comment.

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