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Why should you and shouldn’t you use X Theme?

X The theme is one of the most popular theme on themeforest. The developers of this theme claim as “The Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need” and “The Fastest Selling Theme on ThemeForest!”. It is because of multi-designs and more unique features contained inside its package. Claiming as the last wordpress we ever need seems like a true statement for those whose requirements are included in it but for wordpress developers this statement can never be true.

Me myself being a wordpress developer, I cannot agree with this sort of statements. As wordpress itself is an open source and daily new creations are made. A theme cannot include those small and big creations made everyday but the top wordpress themes cover the main and more important features in a unique way and so does the X theme. While comparing with other best wordpress themes, from my perception X-Theme is the third best wordpress theme whereas Avada is in number one and Enfold is in number two.

About developer

X The Theme was developed by Themeco which is the team of expert developers. According to Themeco X theme is the only theme with their extension ecosystem.

Who is X theme for?

X theme is not dedicated to single type of sites. This theme is overall made to cover the design for almost all types of sites. Also, X theme is highly flexible and can be customized in any type or any style. No matter if you are looking for a theme for e-commerce site, personal site, blog, corporate site, agency site or any others X theme is there for you.


The regular single site license of X-theme costs $64 which includes support for six months and for extra six months support, we have to pay $19.90 more.

Why should you use X Theme?

(Pros/Upsides of X theme)

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Shortcodes
  • Navigations of dozens of styles
  • Megamenus
  • Fluid layout
  • Backgrounds of different types including colors, images and patterns
  • Free revolution slider
  • Retina ready design
  • Bodypress integrated
  • Search engine optimized
  • Woocommerce ready
  • Quick support

Why shouldn’t you use X theme?

(cons/ downsides of X theme)

  • Not suitable for minimal websites with very little visuals
  • Lacks multiple site license
  • Complexity (Takes time to understand and learn)


This is how, I moved along with the X theme from its good aspects or upsides to its bad aspects or downsides. Till now X theme is bought over 88000 times and its rating on themeforest is 4.71 based on total 4217 ratings.

If you are in search for a wordpress of any kind, choose X theme to make your site amazing with the unique and awesome designs of X theme. You will get every instructions to use X theme through its documentations, community forum or elsewhere.
This post is written from my perception but also I’ve tried my best to watch it trough every angles, others feelings towards X theme. You also might have used X theme, if so please share your experience with X theme in the comment box below and let readers know X theme from your point of view. Also, don’t forget to share this post to let your friends know what really is X theme.

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