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Bootstrap formally known as Twitter Bootstrap is the free and open source most popular front-end framework written in HTML, CSS, JS, Less and SASS is released under MIT license.  Almost every front-end developers are less or more familiar with bootstrap even if they don't use bootstrap as primary framework on their projects. While writing this article to Next Earning, definitely I have to focus on economic part but being a front-end developer for a long time, I will also review this framework from developer's point of view.

Bootstrap was originally named as Twitter Blueprint when it was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. In August 19, 2011, they gave new name to Twitter Blueprint and made it Bootstrap and released it as open source project. Currently bootstrap 3.6 is available as stable version and 4 Alfa is in beta. Bootstrap adopted responsive design in version 2.0 and from version 3.0, bootstrap adopted mobile first philosophy as internet users from mobile device increased dramatically recent year.

advantages and disadvantages of bootstrap

Bootstrap makes front-end development more easier, quicker and professional. Professional because if every designers were coding their own way, it would be very difficult to understand code by other developers or it may take more time to understand the code but when the code is based on a framework (not only bootstrap), it just takes few minutes to understand.

Why Chooses Bootstrap?

From the businessman's point of view, if your site is built on bootstrap, you are going to save time, money and stress because:
  •  You can find front-end developer easily whenever you need. Don't believe? Let's post a requirement in a Facebook group, you will receive dozens of inquiries within hour.
  •  You don't need to wait for that developer or company who designed and developed your site initially to make any changes on your site, because most of the front-end developers are familiar with bootstrap.
  •  As availability of developer is high, the competition will be high and the cost for quality work will be decreased.
  •   When the availability of developers is high, when the maintenance cost going to be less, definitely your stress is also going to be decreased.

If you are a web designer or developer still not using bootstrap, you are one step back on your career because:
  •     Bootstrap is leading front-end development framework and companies want their front-end developer who have good knowledge of bootstrap.
  •     Bootstrap is easy to learn and get started. You can find learning resources online for free of cost and if you are familiar with any other framework, the official documentation is enough to learn bootstrap.
  •     Development is game of trial and error but how many times will you try for small errors? If you are using bootstrap, the solution is Google. You can find solution for small and small to big problems on the internet.

Disadvantages of using bootstrap

From the business point of view , Bootstrap is powerful if have power to use it otherwise using bootstrap as front-end framework will be just waste of time and money because:
  •     If you give your site to develop for a front-end developer who just learned it, your site’s gonna be just like copycat of other sites because bootstrap is a responsive front-end framework and if developers don't know how to tweak its components and features, they will just copy & paste codes and change color and text.
  •     If your site is already built with other framework, shifting to bootstrap might be a problem because many common classes are found in major framework. In this case either you have to build your site again from the ground or not use bootstrap.

From the developers point of view, bootstrap can also be bad selection for your career and knowledge because:
  •     Bootstrap makes you dependent on it. If you only work with bootstrap and don't care about core features of html, css and JavaScript, the chances of being backward is high because other smart developers don't want to be dependent only with bootstrap.
  •     Bootstrap is going to be heavy if you don't know what to use and what not to. I have seen some designers and developers, they have used different plugins for navigation , slider and model. In this case, it is better to use a grid system than a whole framework.

What are the alternatives for bootstrap?

There is not only bootstrap as responsive  front-end framework but all are not powerful as bootstrap is . Here are some best alternatives for bootstrap if you want to try.
  1.  Foundation
  2. Semantic UI
  3. UI KIT
  4. Materialize CSS


Bootstrap is most powerful responsive front-end development framework for HTML,CSS and JS. As nothing can be far away from disadvantages, I mentioned some of the cons of bootstrap so that you can decide where to use it or not but I can't say you should not use bootstrap unless you need only grid system to make your site responsive because bootstrap is leader of the front-end frameworks. Just avoid being dependent only on bootstrap because if you have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Less or SASS and JS, you can make your own framework and it is possible.

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