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Everyone knows a person with well combination of make-ups is noticed by everyone in the group of many persons. People don’t put their eyes towards a simple person and people feel irritated seeing a person with unmanaged make-ups. Here, in the case of word press blog, make-ups are plug-ins. They make your blog extra ordinary, eye catching, well functioning, etc. Some plug-ins boost up the speed of your site, some others greatly help in search engine optimization (SEO), and some others elongate the features and functions of your site.

 It is true that a site doesn’t look complete in itself without use of any plug-ins but this doesn’t mean that every plug-ins should be used. There are thousands of wordpress plugins available in the internet market. Some of the wordpress plug-ins are just amazing, they make your site amazing, while some other wordpress plug-ins consume the space of your site and they slow down your site. No one wishes to make their site looking ugly, no one loves to irritate readers/viewers via their site, no one loves a slow site and no one loves a site with less functions & features. In this post, I am going to elaborate some of the must use WordPress Plug-ins that eventually make a site look better and work better.

Best wordpress plugins
 Here are the top 10 wordpress plug-ins everyone should use.

1.  WordPress SEO

-developed by Yoast
-free of cost

An SEO plug-in is like compulsion for every wordpress site in order to optimize search engine. Search engine plays most vital role in the number of visitors visiting your site. When your site appears in the first or second page while searching for related keywords, the number of visitors or pageview is high.
Wordpress SEO is not the single plug-in for SEO but it is at the top list from my point of view. WordPress SEO is there for you to handle over almost every element that is needed for SEO. Beneath every post, an SEO box is added which makes easy to fill up keywords, page title and meta-description and eventually it has been the best choice of writers. WordPress has been installed by over one million users with its rating 4.1. Being much popular its’ support is also good.
If you still haven’t used the best wordpress plug-in for SEO i.e. WordPress SEO by Yoast, I suggest to have it.

2.  Ecwid

-developed by Ecwid
-free of cost

Ecwid is well-featured shopping cart for e-commerce site to sell on wordpress site. Ecwid is easy to set-up and easy to use. Its’ main feature is it makes easy for small businesses to sell their business products directly on social networking sites and due to the very same feature it has been popular among the huge list of WordPress plugins. Ecwid provides features of unlimited storage with backup regularly, seamless & security upgrades and secure checkout through encrypted HTTPS connection at free of cost.
If you own an e-commerce site, without any confusion I suggest to have an Ecwid plug-in to enhance your market. Or if your business is selling various sites, you can control all those from single dashboard which saves your time that could be consumed while opening and working on every sites.

3.  Scroll Triggered Box

-developed by Dreamgrow
-free of cost

Scroll Triggered Box is the best plug-in for email capture slide up. This box automatically slides up when the mouse is hovered around the right section at the bottom of the screen. It’s visitors’ choice either to subscribe or close the box. If they close the box then they won’t see that box for 30 days or you can set the time period to hide the box. You can change the text of the box and can customize the box in the way you like.
Scroll Triggered Box has more than 8000 active users with its rating 4.5 out of 5.

4.  VaultPress

-developed by Automattic
-starting at $5/month

Your site needs backup? Jump to VaultPress for day to day backup and real time syncing of your blog in secured way. VaultPress backups your every posts, every comments, every media file, etc. Also Vaultpress performs daily scan, finds out the threats and fixes the.
VaultPress has more than 20000 active installs and has got 4.7 rating out of 5.

5.  Wordfence

-developed by wordefence
-free of cost

Wordfence is another best plugin for security and speed boosting of your site. It checks out if your site is infected, if your IP address is being used to spamvertize. If found such, it applies full scan to your source code, makes your site secured and boosts up the speed of your site. Its premium version comes with extra feature for users like blocking countries, scanning at specific time and higher frequency.
Wordefence scans the core file of your site, themes, plugins, malwares, backdoors, etc. While doing this you don’t have to worry about security, your files and sites are fully secured protecting your site from being hacked. Wordefence has more than one million active installs and its rating is 4.9.

6.  Jetpack

-developed by Automattic
-free of cost

Jetpack is another WordPress plugin that has been has been loved by many users and have listed as one of the must have plugin which makes easy to manage wordpress site. Jetpack is single WordPress plug-in with multiple functions like giving users’ visitors’ stats, security service and speeding images which eventually helps in raising the number of page or site visitors.
Jetpack offers various tools like sharing, enhanced distribution, related posts, publicize, etc which are focused in increasing the traffic of users’ site. Jetpack has more than one million active installs with 4 as its rating.

7.  WP SuperCache

-developed by Donncha O Caoimh
-free of cost

WP SuperCache is another best wordpress plug-in that generates static HTML from the heave and expensive dynamic wordpress blog. The site with heave PHP code takes more time to get loaded but static HTML gets loaded much faster in comparison to dynamic site with heavy PHP code.
Almost every visitor will see static site and some will see dynamic site and WP SuperCache is highly recommended for those sites which receive large number of traffics daily. WP Supercache has more than one million active installs with rating 4.2 out of five stars.

8.  Disqus

-free of cost
Without any doubt disqus is the best wordpress plugin for commenting system. It offers wide range of login, share button, commenting system with comment approval system. Together with this comments and replies are notified via email. Aggregates comments with social mentions, spam filtering, blacklist, whitelist are the main features of disqus.
Comments are auto-synced with disqus and wordpress database and subscribe and RSS options which increases exposure and readership. Disqus comment system has more than 200000 active installs with rating 3.4 out of 5.

9.  MashShare

-developed by Rene Hermenau
-free and paid

Every site needs a plug-in to share their content to social media to popularize their site and their post and I suggest you MashShare to use in your site. MashShare provides responsive sharing buttons with icons, social sharing optimization, sticky sharing bar, youtube video share popup, etc. This WordPress plug-in is highly customizable, you can customize, change its style add or remove social media, etc. Social share count at a glance was provided in its old version too but using its new version we can disable social share counts too.
In MashShare wordpress plug-in social media add-ons is available for more than twenty social media and this wordpress plugin is easy to use and developers friendly. MashShare has more than 30000 active installs with its rating 4.7 out of five.

10. Gravity

Visitors of your site may want to contact you, to provide them facility of contacting with you, you need a contact form. Gravity forms are more popular and highly customizable contact forms. Gravity form is easy to use, you can embed and set up within some minutes. The gravity form can be broke into multiple pages, settings can easily be configured, the entries can be limited, provided with standard and advanced fields.


This is how I collected top 10 plug-ins that are reliable and popular. These are collected from my point of view. You may feel like you are incomplete without some other plug-ins. If so your view is welcomed to get mentioned down in the comment box.

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