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You probably might have given several interviews and you know how important are interviews in anyone's life. Interviews are the base starting points in the process of getting hired to any job. Without a good interview, it's sure to be rejected to any job. An interview taker judges your expression, knowledge, fluency, maturity, etc from the day of interview.

An interviewer takes interview to find best employees from the huge list of applicants. So, in order to get hired you should impress him/her during interview through your answers. Don't think like "I have skills and experience in this job post and it's certain I'm getting this." Yeah, you may be skilled and experienced candidate in the field of job post and yeah skill and experiences somehow determines you. But you should have power and extra way of expressing it in interview. More than your experiences, your interview plays vital role in the process of being hired.

There are some most common and most important questions that are asked in interviews fluently. If you fail to answer these common questions fluently without hesitating, none of your skills or experiences are going to help you further. You should be perfect in such common questions without any worry. Prepare in such a way that you'll get no confusion during interview, show your intellectual knowledge rather than your academic knowledge in interviews so that your answers become extra.

Top 10 interview questions

In this post, I am going to list out top ten most important and most common questions that are frequently asked in interviews and how to answer them. I hope this will help you to some extent.

1. Tell me about yourself.

Mostly this is the first and most common question in interview. This question seems quite easy but many candidates answer in wrong way. When you are asked to tell about yourself, the hiring manager doesn't want you to tell everything about you. He doesn't want to hear many things about your personal life but directly entering to the job is also not a proper way. Tell about two sentences about your personal life that can be connected with your career and tell about three sentences about your skills and experiences. After going through your strength and abilities tell about your current status including why are you searching for a new job.

You must be clear about what are you telling and is that necessary to tell or are you missing something important to be told. Practice well so that you won't get no any confusion in such simple question and next thing to remember don't tell too fast also.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

"What are your greatest strengths?" is another most important question that is commonly asked in interviews. Interviewer ask this question to compare the candidates and to pick the best among a long list of applicants, to know if you are good fit for their company. Before going for interview, make a list of your important strengths that reflects your creativeness and talents. Include your experiences, talents, education, training, skills and make a perfect combination of them. While talking about your strengths, be specific, point forwarded, relevant to the job description and avoid weak praise.

While answering this question remember that you have to make interviewer feel like you are the best option for him. Be pointed to his requirements and describe accordingly. Be professional and friendly to interviewer, don't afraid with him/her after all he/she is not a ghost. Never lose your patience there.

3. What are your great weaknesses?

This is the most annoying interview question. Though interviewer knows he/she won’t get honest answer from the candidates of this question, they never stop asking this question. This question brings out a huge confusion in the mind of candidate what to say and what not to say. For this question neither being too honest is good nor is lying. While answering this question, don’t be specific and don’t speak out such weaknesses that create a bad impression to the interviewer about you, don’t come out with such weakness that highly affect to the job you are interviewing for.
While answering “What are your greatest weaknesses?”, tell some honest weaknesses of you that won’t harm you from being hired. Honestly tell some non-related skills and weaknesses, talk about some weaknesses you had in the past and now it is improved or you can turn out some negatives into positive. You can say that you are direct forwarded or you feel little nervous while speaking in public or you spend sometimes more time on some tasks more than necessity to make it perfect.

4. How do people describe you?

This question is asked to know that how you behave with others and how do others look at you. This question can be a great chance for you to prove yourself as an extra ordinary candidate and you are best fit for that company. While answering this question, speak out some lines that will give your identity as a hard worker with a good skill of tackling problems or a good communicator and team player with an ability of changing game and leading team. Don’t to too liar to tell you are best among everyone and don’t be too honest to say you have bad image with people.

5. Why should we hire you?

This question is asked expecting your education, skills and experiences that are needed for that post. The question “Why should we hire you?” should be answered in such a way that they need you most in their company or you are the perfect candidate that they are looking for. While answering this question be specific and speak out only related skills, experiences. This very same question can be asked in different ways like “Why/how are you the best fit for this job?” or “Why are you the best candidate for us?” The answer is same for these questions. You should convince employer that you can complete the task before deadline, you have experiences in the related projects and it will be easy for you to work for them, also talk about the technical and soft skills relevant to this project.

6. Where will you find yourself in five years?

The employers ask mostly this question to check out either you are goal oriented or not, either you plan before you perform or not, etc. The answer of “Where will you find yourself in five years?” should be specific with little about your personal goal. You should say about your plan in five years which should be specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. When you say your specific goal, the employer will be impressed as they also want to achieve specific organizational goals. The one who works by planning always achieves something. Tell about your long-term career with a little description of process of achieving success in your goals.

7. How do you control stress or pressure?

In answer of “How do you control your stress or pressure?” you should talk about the strategy that you apply to come out of stress and pressure, you have to share how you handle in such condition. The answer with one or two examples of stress handled makes your answer perfect. But never say downsides about yourself. You have to say an easy and simple way which raises the chance of being hired.

8. What do you know about us?

This is another question asked frequently in interview. When employer asks you “What do you know about us?”, never say you don’t know about them. Before going for interview, try getting more knowledge about that company, see their website, ask with your friends (if they worked there or are working there), and get more and more knowledge about the company. When you say you don’t know about them it reflects that you are not serious to that job and hence the employer can have no trust that you can perform well in the days to come. If you really want that job, you search and search about them and you gain more knowledge about them. Whenever they ask you whether you know about them or not, you should praise their company and their goal which will surely help to impress the employer to hire you.

9. Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is another question that requires a tactful answer. When you are asked for reasons you are leaving current job, answer in the way to bring positives in the mind of employer. You should point out some skills and knowledge that you learned during your stay there and you can say that you needed some more challenges or that office was far. You have to appreciate your boss and co-workers of current job. Never blame them, blaming them means it’s hard to manage you.

10. What do you want to change about yourself?

No one and nothing in the world is perfect. And surely you do also have some weaknesses to improve. While answering “What do you want to change about yourself?” talk about some simple weaknesses of you and share little bit about how are you going to change it. You should tell in such a way that your result will be beneficial for that company and you yourself too.


We believe that morning shows the day, in the same way interview shows your further career. A bad performance during interview can never lead to the point of being hired. Every employer wants best employee and they choose best candidate through the interview. Interviews are important and you must be careful but this doesn’t mean that giving interview is very hard. It’s very simple, be honest to some extent, have patience, speak politely.
Many candidates get confuse what to say and what not to say so you have to prepare before going for the interview. Tell your friends to ask you these sorts of questions and practice by answering as we believe practice makes man perfect. Life is all about starting from the bottom with more struggle and reaching to the top with less struggle. So, struggle well when you’re at the bottom, the top will be waiting there for you i.e. perform well in interview for fruitful result in the days to come. I wish you all the best for your interview! 

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