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Upwork is one of the best freelancing platforms for freelancers to get better jobs and for clients too to find great freelancers to make their job done. Among the huge list of freelancing platforms, Upwork is one of the right place for you to start freelancing. Right after freelancers join upwork, they start dreaming like “wish I could first job in Upwork very fast”. But they are unaware about what actually should they do. When I first joined upwork, I was also totally confused about what should I do, what shouldn’t I do, what I actually require to get job in upwork.

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getting first job on upwork

It’s obvious that confusion arises during our first/second attempt to get job. So, considering my own situation when I had just joined upwork, I planned to share here how to get first job in Upwork so that you’ll get job easily in your first/second attempt. Let me list out the steps and instructions that one should follow to get first job in Upwork.

1. Complete your Upwork profile

Until and unless your profile is 100% complete. For the completeness of your profile,
  • Add an overview describing about why they should hire you instead of other freelancers. Your overview should be sweet and short.
  • Add a portrait picture of you. Your profile/portrait picture should be clear and real. Picture with smile on your face will be appreciated.
  • Add an hourly rate for yourself that you think is better for you. At the beginning, I suggest you a low rate because during beginning you don’t have experience, hours worked, job success rate, clients feedback on Upwork and due to which clients cannot trust you fully. Make some experiences at low rate, work properly and get good feedbacks from clients, complete the task in time which will help you build up your career.
  • Add your skills you are good in
  • Take skill tests, perform properly and show them on your profile.
  • Add your portfolios to display your work.

2. Find Jobs that match your skills

You’ll find thousands of jobs in job feed but each of them may not suite you. You may directly search by entering job title and can filter. No matter how much knowledgeable you are to any field, I suggest you to only apply for entry level jobs at the beginnings. Write a short and sweet cover letter including your knowledge, experience, interests, portfolio, etc. and submit as proposal.

3. Face the interview

After seeing your proposal and your profile, client takes interview of selected candidates. The interview progresses via message of Upwork. When client messages you for interview, be polite and reply as soon as possible so that he/she won’t jump for another candidate. If the client feels like you are the right fit for him/her, he/she will hire you.


Achieving the goal at the first step is not much easy and is not much difficult. What you need is a complete profile, fulfilled criteria, politeness, patience, faith on yourself. In the same way getting first job in Upwork is not like catching the moon above the sky if you process in tricky way.
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