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The term CPC or PPC is common term for every blogger and webmaster who dream of making money from their website or blog. Here PPC stands for Pay Per Click and CPC stands for Cost Per Click. If you owe a website or blog then you can earn revenue from your website content using Cost Per Click (CPC). There are many ways to earn revenue from website content like from CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions), Affiliate marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), etc. Among them, PPC/CPC is one of the best and effective to earn high revenue.
There are many PPC based ad networks throughout the internet. But what the bloggers and webmasters want is qualitative ads with good user experience and those which pay high revenue. So, to make you easy to choose the best and high paying ad network with qualitative ads, I am going to talk about the best PPC/CPC (pay per click/ cost per click) ad networks for publishers.


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These are the best PPC ad networks that provide high rate to the publishers.

1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the high paying CPC based ad network that has been the best choice of bloggers and webmasters. AdSense pays high CPC in comparison to rest of the ad networks. Adsense has gained its popularity and because of which it has numbers of varieties of advertisers. The advertisements by google adsense are of high quality & real and payment is secured. It’s not easy to get approved any blog on AdSense; you can go through the terms and conditions of Google AdSense to see what actually you need to get your site approved on google adsense.  But if it gets approved and you’ve properly obeyed the policies of it, you’re surely going to make high revenue. AdSense puts the ads depending on what users are interested in and because of which the chance of ads being clicked increases. The types of ads offered by AdSense include Match content ads, Responsive ads, Text ads, Display ads and link ads. The CPC(cost-per-click) rate offered by Google AdSense varies depending upon the location of visitor and niche of the blog from $0.2 to $15.
When your earning reaches $100, you can receive it via cheque, EFT, Wired transfer, Western Union, etc.

2. Media.Net: is the ad network Yahoo and bing and has been known for high paying PPC based contextual ad network. Its CPC rate depends upon the traffic you receive. If you have regular and high proportion of traffics from countries like USA, UK, Canada then obviously you’re going to earn high. For those blogs which have more than 90% traffics from these countries, the earning may even be higher than that provided by AdSense. For those bloggers and webmasters who couldn’t approve their site to google adsense, can be the best alternative to google adsense as getting approved to is comparatively easy than AdSense. Media.Net offers Keyword Block ads and Display ads.
You can withdraw your income via PayPal or wire transfer when your earning reaches to $100.

3. Infolinks:

Infolinks is one of the best high PPC paying ad network mostly used by webmasters. Getting approved on infolinks is not a difficult job if your site/blog contains original content. For high earning, you need more traffic from USA, UK, etc. You can use infolinks ad together with Google AdSense also or Infolinks Ads can be used as alternative to Google AdSense in case of unapproval to AdSense. Infolinks offers search ads, in-text ads and in cloud tag.
Infolinks supports PayPal and Wire transfer as payment methods and the minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

4. RevenueHits:

Let me enter to another best high PPC paying ad network and one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense i.e. RevenueHits. RevenueHits is contextual and Geo-Targeted Ad serving ad network. Getting approved in RevenueHits is very easy and it is one of the best ad networks to earn high revenue. RevenueHits offers Display ads, pop under ads and text ads.
Withdrawing revenue from revenue hits is possible via PayPal and the minimum amount to withdraw is $50.

5. Affinity Ads:

AffinityAds is one of the best high CPC paying ad network that offers the ads of good quality. Affinity Ads has implemented various kinds of ads and has come to the top list of best ad networks. Not only for CPC, have affinity ads paid revenue for CPM and CPA. If you have been disappointed by the disapproval in Google AdSense, just smile and jump to Affinity Ads. Comparatively it is easy to get approved in Affinity ads than Google AdSense. So, Affinity ads can also be used as an alternative to google adsense. The various types of ads Affinity Ads implements are display ads, in-domain ads, in-search ads, mobile ads and in-content ads.
The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from affinity ads is $50 and the payment method supported by Affinity Ads is PayPal.

6. PropellerAds:

Propeller is another high CPC paying ad network that deserves to get listed here in the list of best high CPC paying ad network. Propeller has gained huge popularity in short period of time. The main focus of Propeller ads is on CPM but it’s not bad in CPC paying, CPL and CPA paying. In case of disapproval of Google AdSense, I suggest you to jump to Propeller ads to gain high revenue. Propeller ads offers various types of ads include pop up/under ads, mobile ads, video ads, onclick ads, banner ads, etc.
Payment options to withdraw revenue from propeller ads are Pyaza, wire transfer, Payoneer and the minimum money to withdraw is $100.

7. Taboola:

Taboola is contextual ad network that pays good PPC. Taboola is a type of native ads suitable below post and in sidebar of site on content based websites. Taboola is actually focused for blogs/websites with large number of traffic. They only approve sites having more than one million pageviews per month. Taboola can be used as alternative to Google AdSense but let's not say it can replace. Actually the CPC rate of Taboola is not high (0.15/c), but the ads they provide have high chance of being clicked which directly affects the revenue earned. The formats of ads supported by Taboola are related content widget, in-content ad, link widget and sidebar widget.
Taboola does payment on the monthly basis and publishers can withdraw their revenue via cheque, payoneer and EFT transfer.

8. Clicksor Ads:

Clicksor is another high paying contextual PPC ad program by Yesup. Getting site approved in Clicksor is not a big deal. Though they say any sites to get approved, it requires at least 5000 pageviews per day and more than 50% of them should be from USA, UK and Canada; it is not applied in practical. Many sites with less than 5000 page views and with less than 50% traffic from USA, UK and Canada have placed Clicksor ads. Clicksor supports various text and banner ads including full banner, leaderboard, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, button, small rectangle, medium rectangle, large rectangle and square box.
Clicksor charges 30% of ad revenue as commission and shares rest of the 70% to publishers. Clicksor pays on twice in a month basis after the revenue crosses $50 through PayPal, Wire transfer and cheque.

9. Vibrant media

Vibrant media is another CPC ad network serving varieties of ads and mainly focused on in-text advertising. When visitors hover the text containing ad, a clickable unit appears and when that is clicked ultimately revenue gets added. The varieties of ads vibrant media implements are in-text ads, display ads, mosaic, image, light box, dynamic adhesion, etc.
Vibrant media supports cheque and wire transfer for payment on the basis of NET45.

10. Chitika:

Chitika is another good option to earn high revenue. Chitika only pays for the click of ads. The rate depends upon the location and traffic source of visitors. Chitika ad network serves two formats of ads display banner ads and Text ads.
The revenue earned can be withdrawn through PayPal from $10 and through cheque from $50 to more.


Here, I collected top 10 best high PPC/CPC paying ad network for publishers. Not only high paying, these networks are good from every point of view. Among these ten, Google AdSense is the best one but getting approved is quite difficult. In case of approval, you can go through these best alternatives to Google AdSense.
If you have used any of these, please let me know how you experienced it and if you have used any others also, we welcome your experience with them here in the comment box. Finally, don’t forget to share to let me know that you care.

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