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Affiliate programs are one of the best sources for bloggers to earn revenue. Bloggers act as intermediary between customers and suppliers. These days, people are dependent over internet and they love to perform their each task from internet. And there are suppliers who control internet based business. Affiliate programs let customers know about suppliers. Many bloggers write the right and qualitative content of something that pays for affiliate. When the visitors perform any action over it or buy something then bloggers get certain percent of that which is the earning from affiliate programs.
Affiliate programs are also various. I am going to talk about by entering to the various categories and programs there briefly to make readers clear about the best affiliate programs to earn online money.

Best shopping affiliate programs

A. Top 3 Best shopping affiliate programs:

Some shopping sites amazon, ebay provides a referral link for publishers provides ads directly and when the visitors click and buy the product, such online shopping sites pay certain percent of which to publishers as revenue. Let me talk about top 3 best e-commerce affiliate programs in brief.

1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon is the most famous and largest electronic commerce internet-based retailer in US. The affiliate program of amazon is known as Amazon Associates. Amazon provides up to 10% commission of certain products for direct sales of them. Being a partner of such trusted company and earning via affiliate is really a fortune. It is easy to sign up and manage and eventually to earn commission.

2. eBay Partner Network:

The affiliate system of eBay is similar to Amazon which pays commission for the sale of products of eBay. eBay partner network is the affiliate program of eBay. Bloggers or webmasters who specialize in particular product which is available in eBay can promote those products and earn commission from the sale of products. Ebay pays a high percentage as commission for the sale of each product from eBay, also pays a bonus of 200% for the purchases made by new customers.

3. iTunes Store Partner Program:

iTunes provides 7% commission on the sale of each items. Bloggers and webmasters can promote iPad, iPhone, mac apps and also can sell books, videos, music, etc to make money from blog or site.

B. Top 4 e-commerce marketplace affiliate programs:

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways for large companies to increase their customers. Because of which many online marketplace and theme marketplace have organized affiliate programs which are beneficial for bloggers and webmasters to earn money. Here are top 4 best e-commerce marketplaces providing high affiliate rate.

1. Shopify affiliate Program:

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platform. Shopify pays a commission of 200% of the subscription fee of the customer referred by you. You can refer from any advertising way; either you can place banner ad, referral link, can email, can share in facebook, twitter, etc.

2. Envato affiliate program:

Envato is one of the best digital marketplaces. Envato provides 30% commission when a new user signs up to envato and deposits money for the purchase of any items through any of the market place of envato. Simply you can sign up for affiliate account, get a referral link which you can add as an widget, can get get plugin, can place banner or logos of any of those marketplace, can tweet or post the link, etc.

3. WrapBootstrap Affiliate Program:

WrapBootstrap is one of the best theme marketplace which includes only bootstrap themes. When someone purchases an item from your referral link and WrapBootsrap pays a commission of 5% for the purchase of items costing less than $10 and pays 10% commission for the purchase of items costing more than $10.

4. Mojo Themes Affiliate Program:

MOJO Themes is a great marketplace for premium themes and templates. MOJO themes pays a commission when someone registers a account and deposits and purchases. It pays 30% of the first purchase/deposit of such users.

C. Top 4 best Affiliate networks:

Affiliate networks collect the affiliate of different business and products. There are many affiliate networks which have organized affiliate programs to increase the number of advertisers and publishers. Bloggers and webmasters can join the affiliate program, can advertise them and earn extra revenue. Let me talk about top 4 best affiliate networks:

1. CJ Affiliate Network:

Commission Junction(CJ) is one of the best affiliate networks known for expensive affiliate network. From various sized advertisements, publishers can choose according to the space availability. Because of its vast network and reliability, it has been the best affiliate network for publishers.

2. Rakuten LinkShare:

LinkShare is a well known affiliate network owned by Rakuten- Japanese e-commerce Giant. LinkShare connects Cost Per Action(CPA) and Cost Per Sale(CPS) with affiliates. LinkShare offers large number of programs so that you may be interested in some of them. LinkShare is known for a trustworthy affiliate network, suitable to earn small amount also.

3. ClickBank:

ClickBank is another large and top affiliate network with over twelve thousand vendors and over hundreds of thousands affiliates. Choosing ClickBank is certainly choosing a broad field to get payment via affiliates.

4. ShareASale:

ShareASale offers affiliate programs of wide categories including general online services, marketing, hosting, etc. Publishers can promote any business in various form; link in the content or banner ads. For bloggers, both of them are suitable.

D. Top 5 best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs:

Most of the web hosting companies have organized affiliate program. They pay a good percent of commission for each of the successful registration and sale by new customers. Let me list out top 5 the best and high paying affiliate programs of web hosting companies.

1. Bluehost Affiliate Program:

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies. Bluehost pays a commission of $65 when someone referred by you creates an account on bluehost. The advertisements of bluehost are designed to drive traffic and also convert visitors into sales.

2. Dreamhost Affiliate Program:

Dreamhost is one of the well known and best feature providing web hosting companies. The affiliate rate of Dreamhost is also mentionable. Dreamhost pays a commission up to $97 for each referral. In the same ratio, if you refer a new customer in a month, then you’ll earn up to $1164 in a year. After logging in, they’ll provide you banner ads and referral link with some instructions.

3. Hostgator Affiliate Program:

Hostgator is another great web hosting company which pays comparatively high rate for affiliate partners. Hostgator pays a commission up to $125 per qualifying sign up. When some new customer goes to Hostgator from your referral link and successfully creates an account, each month you’ll get payment. For advertisement purpose, they’ll provide you referral link and hundreds of banner ads.

4. Mochahost Affiliate Program:

Mochahost is another good web hosting company paying high affiliate rate. They pay a commission of 50% of all sales you deliver. When new customer just signs up, you’ll earn $10. Minimum $100 is required to withdraw and minimum three sales are required for the first payout to be submitted. After signing up as affiliate in Mochahost, you’ll be provided with wide range of textual link and banners to place in your site. Being based on the activity of your visitors’ activity, you’ll earn commission.

5. HostRocket Affiliate Program:

Another best web hosting company, HostRocket pays a commission up to $150. They don’t care which package is made sold by you and for each successful sale from your site they pay $150. You can easily create an account and start adding referral link as banner or post or whatever.

E. Top 2 best Payment Gateways Affiliate Programs:

In order to increase their space in the market, many of the payment gateways have organized affiliate programs. These are the top 2 best payment gateways affiliate programs for bloggers and webmasters:

1. Payoneer Affiliate Program:

Payoneer is one of the best online payment gateways used widely. Payoneer provides a notification whenever someone requests a card from your link. After creating an account, they’ll give you a unique link and you can advertise it in any way. Whenever someone from your ads joins payoneer, you’ll receive a commission. Also if you are a payoneer holder, you can invite your friends and you’ll earn $25 for each referral.

Sign up to Payoneer from here and earn $25.

2. Skrill Affiliate Program:

Another best payment gateway- Skrill also pays you for affiliate. When someone joins skrill from your referral link and starts transaction from it then you’ll receive a commission. Skrill pays 20% commission for each new referral.   


In this way, I made a list of best affiliate programs with separate categories i.e. best shopping affiliate programs, best e-commerce marketplaces affiliate programs, best affiliate networks, best web hosting affiliate programs and best payment gateways affiliate programs.
With the growing affiliate marketing, these are the best affiliate programs for publishers to earn commission by referring others. If you want to add something in these programs or if you think something others are also good, then your opinion is welcomed in the comment box below. Also don’t forget to share this post if you found this meaningful.

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