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Shopify is one of the best ecommerce solution made for entrepreneur in order to make their online business effective and secured. They can create online stores, can sell products on web, implement their own design, etc. one doesn’t need to be a developer to run an online store on shopify. Shopify has gained a lot of popularity over the internet and because of the same number of shopify themes is also increasing gradually.

Premium shopify themes are suitable for online stores having important data of customers, but for simple purposes free themes are good enough. Such themes are also high in number and it is somehow difficult to choose the best among them.


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This post contains the top 5 best free shopify themes:

1. Simple:

“Simple” is the best free ecommerce template. This theme is officially supported by shopify. The “Simple” theme is fully responsive grid based on skeleton. The main features of this theme include sleek animations, easy to customize settings and appearance of sub categories if the products have tags. The customers of “Simple” highly recommend this theme because of its clean interface that is highly versatile and customizable.

2. Supply:

Supply is another e-commerce theme officially supported by Shopify. If you are looking for best free shopify theme for an online store to put on large inventories, you may directly jump over supply e-commerce template without any doubt. The main features of supply shopify theme include multiple homepage collections, easy to customize, prominent navigation, easy integration with the product review app, sidebar filtering, etc.

3. Classic:

Classic free shopify theme is also another best e-commerce template for stores with large inventories, designed keeping traditional merchants in mind and officially supported by shopify. Classic e-commerce theme is clean and responsive. Some of the top features of Classic, free shopify theme include rearrangeable homepages, large sidebar to feature multiple navigation level & custom content, etc.

4. Venture:

Venture is snowboards e-commerce theme targeted for high volume stores and is bold & modern. Venture Shopify theme is one of the best free shopify theme officially supported by shopify. Some of the features of venture shopify theme include responsive to all devices, multi-column drop-down menus, many color options & customization options, homepage slideshows, promotional bar, etc.

5. Kickstand:

Kickstand is also one of the best free shopify themes specially targeted for crowdfunding graduates. Its’ premium theme is also made free which is perfect for selling 1-5 products. Let me point out some of its important features like fully responsive, highly customizable, video embedded, social media buttons, newsletter sign up form, etc.


These are the top five best free shopify themes from my perspective and overall from the review of customers too. Among these five also “simple” and “supply” are best. And others also may be your choice as they are also somehow in the same level.
If you’re really looking for best free shopify theme, check these out and if you have experience with any of these then let me know about it. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your friends.

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