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Probably you all know what is BuySellAds actually? Anyway let me introduce a little about it. BuySellAds is the direct banner advertising company where you can sell the space of your site for advertisers. BSA puts ads and makes payment on the monthly basis. It is not sure that every site gets approved easily. In case of unapproval of BuySellAds, there are many other alternatives which may not be as perfect as BuySellAds but they function well.


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 Here, I am going to talk about top seven BuySellAds alternatives that pay comparatively high with qualitative advertisement.

1. PublicityClerk:

PublicityClerk is the best alternative to BuySellAds that is more similar to BuySellAds. PunlicityClerks lets advertisers buy the space on your site. If your site is good with original and unique content, then your site will get easily approved within 2/3 days. To get approved your site in publicity clerk, your site should be completed (should not be under construction), must get more than 5000 page views monthly, must have at least 10 articles published, shouldn’t contain illegal content like pornography, must pass the terms and policies of PublicityClerk and your site’s content must be in English. You can easily withdraw your earning via paypal. PublicityClerk charges 25% commission of income.

2. BlogAds:

BlogAds is another best alternative to BuySellAds and somehow a competitor of BuySellAds too. BlogAds lets you sell your site’s space as similar as BuySellAds and what it extra offers is text ads. BlogAds is one of the oldest advertising agencies that don’t need many criteria to be fulfilled. This ad agency charges 30% of your earning as commission and rest of the earning i.e. 70% will be yours.  If your site fails to get approved to BuySellAds, give it a try as many large and famous blog sites are also using this.

3. Project Wonderful:

Project Wonderful is also one of the best alternatives to BuySellAds that cannot be left unlisted here. ProjectWonderful lets you sell space of your site and the best part of ProjectWonderful is it lets you bargain with many advertisers and you can choose the high payer and next important part is it supports sub-domains also (.blogspot, .wordpress). Project Wonderful charges 25% of earning as commission.

4. Adsella:

Adsella is also one of the best alternatives to BuySellAds that lets you sell your site’s space at any price you want. The best part of Adsella is it is easy to get approved site or simply it don’t have minimum criteria to get approved. Adsella charges 20% commission from your income and remaining 80% will be your net income.

5. AdEngage:

AdEngage is a BuySellAds alternative very least minimum criteria to get approved. AdEngage is one of the oldest ad network with maximum number of advertisers as a result you’ll easily get approved. With adengage you will be able to sell your ad in two different ways. You can choose a plan in which you’ll get paid on weekly or monthly basis and in the next plan you’ll get paid being based on the clicks on ad like AdSense. AdEngage charges 25% commission from your earning.

6. OIOPublisher:

Here’s another best alternative to BuySellAds and that is none other than OIOPublisher. OIOPublisher is best alternative for websites with highly targeted audience and unapproved in BuySellAds. Once your site gets approved you have to buy and install a wordpress plugin that costs $47  that can be installed as wordpress plugin or a standalone platform. The most important thing about OIOPublisher is it doesn’t charge commission so that you’ll get 100% of your earning.

7. BySiteAds:

BySiteAds can also be the best alternative to BuySellAds considering the point that you can get advertisers for twitter and facebook together with selling the site’s space. To get payment from BySiteAds, you don’t need more amounts deposited. You can withdraw after your earning reaches $15.


This is how I made a list with brief description of the top 7 best BuySellAds that can be used in case of unapproval or blockage from BuySellAds. Among these seven, I found PublicityClerk better than the rests.
If you have used any of these, don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comment box below. Also if you found other ad networks that can be best alternatives to BuySellAds, then let me know from you. I hope this article was helpful for you. If so, don’t forget to share this post.

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