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PHP (HyperText Preprocessor) is a programming language to develop dynamic site that interacts with databases called web applications. The most popular blogging platform, Wordpress was built upon PHP.
These days learning online is widely used which is far better than visiting institutions. Online learning saves time and is effective too. There are thousands of online materials to learn PHP. I am going to talk about top 7 best online sources to learn PHP.

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This post contains top 7 best online sources to learn PHP.

1. TutorialsPoint

Tutorialspoint is one of the largest and best tutorial sites to learn hundreds of languages including PHP, PHP-7 and other programming languages. If you’re completely unknown about PHP, also you can be there in TutorialsPoint as they have made tutorials including the basic understanding of PHP and learn complete PHP.

2. Codecourse

CodeCourse (formerly PHPAcademy) is the best online source to learn PHP. The YouTube channel of codecourse (phpacademy) contains everything about PHP. Every small and small topics are discussed briefly. Also the site CodeCourse also contains many tutorials (free and premium).

3. W3schools

Not only for PHP, W3Schools is best place to learn every web designing and developing languages. W3Schools is best for understanding about any language contained. Including from what is PHP, where the PHP is used, what is possible with PHP, etc and brief about every topics and sub topics. From simple PHP tutorials to PHP forms, PHP advanced; PHP-XML, PHP-AJAX, PHP examples and PHP reference are included in W3Schools. Learning from W3Schools is free but you have to pay to get certification.

4. Codecademy

Codecademy is the academy of coding where tutorials of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, AngularJS, Command line, SQL, Git, Java, etc. For learning PHP, it is one of the best place where learners will get tutorials from basic PHP to advanced PHP including introduction to PHP, control flow (if/else, switch), arrays, loops (for and foreach, while and do while), functions, object, advanced arrays & maps, etc.

5. PHP.Net

The official site of is one of the best places to learn PHP. With the documentation and tutorials in various different languages has included all about PHP or simply, any other site hasn’t included about PHP more than Every new and latest entries of PHP can be found here.

6. PHP Builder

PHP Builder is a great source to learn PHP. The articles, snippets, PHP News are updated regularly which show a perfect direction for PHP development. PHP developers share their ideas, tips and tricks to make a learner easy to understand. After learning PHP, you can also submit your articles, snippets, etc to make beginners easy to learn.

7. PHP Tutorials

The title of the site itself clarifies what actually the PHPTutorials is. With elaboration of each single topics and sub-topics, PHP Tutorials is the complete source to learn PHP. Though the site doesn’t only include tutorials of PHP and its tricks & tricks but also covers tutorials 2D design, 3D design, web design & programming languages, business applications, business development, databases, desktop programming, video editing and so on.


PHP is the important programming language for web development as important web software like wordpress, facebook are also developed under PHP. If you want be PHP developer, you have to know broad about PHP and if you want to learn other programming languages also basic of PHP will help you understand better.
I have included 7 of the best online sources to learn PHP. If you are PHP developer, let me know from where you learned it and how you experienced in the learning process.

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