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Developers these days wonder about not getting job after being a developer too. Developing a site is not only the possible job after being expert in any programming language. Everyone wants to earn money from his/her own home instead of visiting office regularly.  There are several ways to earn extra money from home as a developer and I am going to describe them in this post.


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This post contains best ways for developers to earn money from home.


Without any doubt, freelancing is the best way to earn money from home in current context and freelancing is not only limited to developers. You are not bounded to any company for long term basis in freelancing, you are not forced to work whenever you aren’t interested. You are free to work in freelancing sites where you’ll set a rate for you by own, work for as much as time you want, work for international projects and make contact with the clients all around the world. You can work as part time freelancer giving rest of the time in other jobs or can work as full-time freelancer where you’ll give more time in freelancing and will earn high dollars from freelancing. For developers, the best freelancing platforms are Toptal and Upwork from many angles. And there are even others good outsourcing where you can join and freelance.


Not only for developers, blogging has been one of the best way to earn money from several years. Being a developer, you can do a blogging by making the posts and articles about the language you’re expert in. The programming language you’ve learnt is still unlearned by many people around and they are willing to learn. You can share written tutorials, tips, tricks, examples, etc and post in your blog which will be seen by other people. After getting a high number of traffics to your blog, you’ll place ads, you’ll do affiliate marketing to monetize your revenue. You can earn in various ways from blogging by putting different ads in different ways. For blogging purpose, you can choose wordpress and blogger.


If you have broad knowledge of any programming language, writing ebook about that language will be an easy job for you. Write an eBook including every details of your programming language. Include its introduction, basic understanding, importance and written tutorials of each sub-topic so that the readers will choose your eBook over rest of others books. Try to make your book complete in itself, don’t put on wrong codes and complicated language for easy understanding for readers. You can see other eBooks in case you need format and what to put on but the content should be yours original.  You can publish and sell your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, PubIt!, Lulu, Scribd, Smashwords, and so on.

4.Video Tutorials

You can also make video tutorials simply to earn from home. Making complete video series and uploading them in different sites like Udemy, Lynda, Youtube, Udacity, etc can be a job for you. After completing a series of tutorials, you can upload in youtube to provide them at free of cost and also you can sell videos in other sites. In one hand, your knowledge of that language will be broad and in other hand you’ll earn extra money easily.

5.Theme Development

Developers specialized in any programming language can earn money from home by developing themes too. The market of themes is broadening and adding opportunities for developers to extend their job areas. These days maximum number of people and every company own their blogs or websites which increases the number of themes in demand. With the rapidly growing demand of themes in the market, developers can work from their side to grow their income rapidly. You can develop a theme fulfilling the criteria that a theme marketplace prescribes. Then you can upload it to the theme marketplace like themeforest, creative market, wrapbootstrap, codecanyon, mojo themes, etc. at appropriate price. You’ll earn for each sell of your product and customer may ask you for customization of that theme which can be another great source of income.

6.Plugins and Extensions Development

If you are a developer, you know well about plugins & extensions and you are familiar with developing plugins and extensions. But, you might have been developing plugins and extensions in case of need during the programming of a site. But developing plugins separately is also one of the best professions to involve in. And then you can sell your plugins and extensions in the way exactly similar to theme. CodeCanyon, Sellwire, FetchApp, Pulley, etc can be the good marketplaces for you to sell your plugins and extensions.

7.Make Your Own Application

If you have a big dream and passion to achieve that, forget everything make a product that millions of people going to love. A product can be any mobile application, web application, desktop software, game etc. on which you have strong knowledge and long experience. Let's talk about an Android application; developing an application is not a big deal. You can make up and running within a month or before and few months if you are making a big app. You have to reach at least one million users to live with an apps and it is not a difficult task if your app is unique, user-friendly and productive. You will spend few hours in a week for better performance and improvements but you will enjoy your life living with family without going office and will make name, fame and ultimately you will find happiness inside you.


If you have talent in something, you can earn from many ways. For developers, these above mentioned professions can be taken as part-time and full-time jobs. Working on same language from various ways sounds interesting and it’s interesting too. We feel tired and irritated while doing the same job all the time but when they are changing, we work on it with lots of enthusiasm which results to the success.
These were the top 7 best ways for developers to make extra money from home, you can choose any suitable way for you to enhance your working. I hope this article helped you and I am looking for feedback from you. Thanks in advance!

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