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SEO is not a new term for bloggers and webmasters. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an activity or process of bringing an improving affect in the search engine ranking of any post or site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects the visibility of a site in the search engine’s unpaid results. SEO is important for bloggers as it determines where there post/site will present in the search engine. As search engines are the great source to gain visitors to blogs or websites, every bloggers and webmasters should focus on SEO.

Here, I am focusing for bloggers about blog posts and elements of blog posts to care to get visitors from search engines. You have to keep in mind some of the simple tips for better SEO and I am going to list out 7 Tips Of SEO; Every Bloggers Should Know.


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This post contains 7 tips of SEo every bloggers should know.

1. Title

Title is the important element of blog posts that shows what is the post about. For better SEO, the title of any blog post should be short and specific. Bloggers have to prepare title in the way people search for or you can simply think how you would search for the same topic in case you had been asked to search. But focus more on the topics that are shown by Google itself when you enter few words of it. It is said that the post title should be eye-catching but first thing to care is the post title should be searchable. Without seeing the post title, no one clicks and watches more.

2. Content

The content of any blog should be original and unique in order to be search engine optimized. If you copy the content from other blogs then Google will prefer that original blog’s post rather than yours. So, make sure your content is original and unique. Also the content should match with the title; a type of title and next type of content with the explanation of out of topic doesn’t give a positive sense for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. Alt, title tag

Whenever you insert image/s inside your post, don’t forget to add something about the image or importantly your blog post in the “alt” section and “title” section. If you’re unknown about where to add those tags, right click to the image where you’ll see “properties” and after clicking the “properties” you’ll get the section you were looking for. The title and alt tags are prioritized by search engine rather than blank boxes. You can also use the link- where you want to lead your visitors in the “alt” section.

4. Speed

These days, Google gives more priority to the sites with high speed in search engine. So, for the better SEO make your blog site as speedy as you can. So as to increase the speed of your site, choose a good hosting company to host your site, don’t use large sized images and don’t make it too small in the name of increasing speed (make the size of image small that looks good in your site) and remove/avoid unnecessary scripts.

5. Add internal links

Internal links refers to the links of the posts of same blog which also play an important role for SEO of blog posts. While making a blog post, think of some past posts similar to the current post and if found any put the link of that past post.
For example: I will add a link of my old post Top 10 Best Blogger Templates.

6. Responsiveness

Before fewest years, responsiveness of any site was not taken as issue to think for SEO as google itself was neglecting it. But, Nowadays Google is giving equal importance to the responsiveness of blogs. So, in order to optimize your blog and blog posts in search engine, make sure that your blog is device friendly (that look perfect in the devices of any sizes ranging from large to small).

7. Backlinks

Backlink is linking back to your blog or blog posts from other websites. Backlinks directly affect the searching ranking and page ranking of web page. So, Backlinks play vital role in SEO of any blog. When you post qualitative and original content then other authors and bloggers would add your blog’s link as referral link. Backlinks are important, but it doesn’t mean that you should add them any how i.e. what I want to say is never buy backlinks.

SEO of any blog determines the future of blog. A blog with good SEO, never gives negative result. So, every bloggers have to take care of SEO of their blog as a whole and blog posts. In order to help bloggers and webmasters to improve SEO, I have collected top 7 simple and best tips to care about i.e. Title, Content, Alt-Title tags, Speed, Internal links, Responsiveness and Backlinks.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Comment down your ideas that you think they should also be taken as important tips for proper SEO of any blog.

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