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If you are blogger and have put ads on your blog, you’re familiar with the term CTR (Click Through Rate). CTR denotes to the ratio of number of times the ad is clicked by a user to the number of times the ad is viewed (impressions). The more is the CTR, the more will be the PPC from an ad. Click-through rate (CTR) can also be called as the proportionate number of people who go to click your ad to the proportionate number of people who view your ads. CTR is calculated as:

Click Through Rate (CTR) = (Total clicks on ads) / (Total impressions on ads)

When a visitor clicks any ad, it means the visitor is interested to that ad. The higher click-through rate (CTR) will lead to the better/high quality scores which will eventually lead to the success in PPC. So, I am going to list out best 5 simple ways to increase ad CTR.

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This post contains the best 5 simple ways to increase ad CTR.

1. Enlarge the size of ad’s image

Small objects are usually neglected in front of large objects. The large sized images draw the visitors’ attention easily, and the more the visitors view the ads, the more is the chance of being clicked. But don’t make it too much large, the image should be suitable to the space in your site and also use a clear image which shouldn’t be blurred and then use a curious image which will compel visitors to click ads.

2. Prioritize heavy-text in ads’ image

The ads’ banners should speak what the business is exactly. Many people think, peoples’ faces, graphics and colors are more important than text but graphics, colors and faces can’t make the visitors clear about the ads’ motto. Without knowing about what the image is going to explain, no one chooses to click the image. The image with the heavy text by explaining the business’s of ads value preposition in 1-2 sentences.

3. Give more priority to banner ads of free product and offers

The ad images of free products and offers catch the eyes of visitors easily. The ads of paid products are usually neglected as everyone is afraid of paying money. The paid products’ ads gain impressions but not clicks; visitors simply think “Who pays?” and leaves the ad without any more action. But when they see something offered at free of cost, at least they want to check how the product is, if they need it and so on. The CTR in these types of ads is very high in comparison to other types of ads.

4. Avoid price of the product in the ads

When the price of the product is mentioned in the ads’ image, visitors only click the ads if they can afford for that product but when the price is more than they can afford for, they even won’t click and see. Either they buy or not that doesn’t matter you but either they click or not matters. So, the ad you put on to your website should attract visitors to see that by clicking on ads.

5. Make attractive headlines

Headlines are the first things that the visitors notice right after they see the ad. In the busy life, people aren’t interested in reading long lines, long paragraphs but once they find the title interesting they click and see the details. To increase the number of clicks on ads from the people visit on your site, making attractive headlines is one of the best ways.

At the end,

If you have put on CTR PPC ads on your blog or site, you have to follow these simple tricks to increase your CTR which implies to the increment in ad revenue. These tricks are focused on image ads and these ideas work well for such ads so as to increase CTR (click-through-rate).
Until the consumers or visitors change their pattern and behavior towards such ads, these best 5 simple ways are going to help a lot to increase ad CTR.
I hope this article was meaningful, but let me hear from you in the comment box. Good day!

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