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These days, programmers and programming languages are gaining a lot of popularity and jobs for programmers are increasing rapidly. The programmers earn high income everywhere and they can easily get good jobs in freelancing platforms too. This fact inspires even more to those people who are willing to learn programming languages.
At the meantime several questions surround the mind, “which programming language should I learn?, Which is the best programming language?, Which programming language is better to get easy-jobs?, etc.” In order to clear out such confusion and so as to answer those questions I am going to list out and explain in brief about the top 10 most popular languages in 2016. 


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This post contains top 10 most popular programming languages for 2016.

1. Python

The popularity of Python is increasing rapidly since last 3-4 years. Python is also known as object oriented programming language and this language is also considered as language for everybody. They also call python general purpose language which can be taken as base for coding. Python is suitable for those who lack the knowledge of other programming language to establish the base of coding. Python is useful for simple projects with the use of simple coding and for large and advanced projects with the use of added extensions. Python is taken as primary programming language and is taught in the courses of computer science.

2. Java

Java is another best programming language to learn in 2016 and also Java is widely adopted programming language. Java is used by 9 millions of developers worldwide. Java is used to build server-side applications and mobile applications to video games. Java is used as the foundation in the development of android applications as it is used to develop all native android apps. Once written code can be run everywhere and this is one of the great features of Java.

3. C

Another best programming language- C was developed in between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie. C has been the best and popular programming language since long and C is mostly the first programming language taught in colleges. C is one of the oldest object oriented programming language and it is also taken as the parent of other programming languages. The modern popular languages such as Java, Python, C++, etc are influenced by C. Learning other modern languages after learning C becomes easier.

4. C++

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup which was released in 1983. C++ is another best programming language to learn in 2016 which is based on ‘C’. C++ is the general purpose object oriented programming language which has also been standardized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). C++ is mostly used for the development of higher level applications like web browsers, computer graphics drivers and financial trading algorithms.

5. PHP

PHP was created by RasmusLerdorf in 1994 as a tool to help him to maintain his Personal Home Page (PHP) instead of a new programming language but later on PHP is now has been Hypertext Pre-Processor, a scripting language running in server to create WebPages that are written in HTML. PHP is also taken as the backbone of today’s content management systems including wordpress. PHP is used to develop over 200 millions of websites which shows its popularity. Most popular web application like facebook is developed under PHP and most popular and most visited sites like yahoo and wordpress are developed under PHP.

6. Swift/iOS

Swift was developed by Apple as its own programming language in 2014. Swift is programming language to develop iOS applications. Swift has gained lots of popularity in these 2/3 years and has created a lot of job opportunities. For those programmers who have good knowledge of C++ and Objective C, learning Swift becomes easier as they’ll find many similarities among them.

7. JavaScript

JavaScript is mixed up with Java by many people but they are completely different from one another. JavaScript was originally called ECMAScript but with the time being and with the increasing popularity of it, its name has been changed to an easy and attractive name i.e. JavaScript. JavaScript is an important language to be learnt for those who want to design front end part of website so as to make the site interactive. Pages without JavaScript do not support animations (effects and pop-ups) because of which site looks disgusting. Almost every websites of current time are incorporated with JavaScript.

8. SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which has been the standard language for database management system. SQL is listed among the Best Database Certifications Of 2015 and also in the list of Most In-Demand Skills for Big Data Jobs. Other programming languages are called general-purpose language and at the meantime SQL is called Special-purpose language which is for specific purposes but it is one of the important languages. SQL is most important language to manage database and this language is available in many flavors like Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

9. Ruby

Ruby is a general purpose programming language which is considered as one of the easy and important languages to learn. Ruby is programming and Ruby on Rails is its framework but Ruby has been well known after the arrival of its Rails. Both of these are equally gaining popularity and sometimes I have seen using them as synonyms. For the fast development with little code, Ruby is always preferred. Twitter, world’s famous social media network was developed with Ruby on its Rails framework.

10. C#

C# is designed by Microsoft that is useful to develop various ranges of applications on dot net frameworks. C# can be used for the development of Windows Client Applications, Client-Server Applications, Database Applications and many more. In order to make it easier to develop applications on .Net Framework, Visual C# provides many tools including advanced code editor, convenient user interface designers, and so on.

Every programming languages have their own type of importance, they have specific reasons for why should we learn those languages and they are best in their own way. Also, different languages are suitable for the development of different types of applications such as database applications, native android applications, web software applications, etc.
But, the popularity and importance of any language is different at different time. These are the top 10 best programming language to learn in 2016 seeing their better future and seeing in-demand developers. I hope this article is meaningful, now let me hear from you.

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