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Together with the knowledge of programming language, developers should have well knowledge of tools and techniques for better productive result from programming language. During programming many simple errors and unexpected bugs come across. To face them or to control them before their arrival, developers should have techniques to solve them and to avoid such minor problems, to save their time and to make their developing even better they should use many tools.
Development tools are thousands in number and are in different form across the internet but there are some important tools that every developer should know and use. So, I am going to list out top 5 important development tools every developer should know.

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This post contains top 5 free development tools every developer should know.

1. GitHub

GitHub is not just a tool for developers/programmers; it is for everyone who wants to collaborate anything. It is a web based graphical interface repository hosting server. GitHub offers the distributed revision control and source code management functionality of Git and add its own features. GitHub is mainly used by software developers (web app, desktop app, mobile app) and designers to shore their code for public or specific team. For public purpose it is free and for private, you have to upgrade your account for premium.

2. BitBucket

Every developer wants to store at least of their code into the cloud. BitBucket is one of the best code repositories for developers in order to share code so as to make the project happen from the team. The best part of Bitbucket is it is free for the storage of private codes too. It makes easy for developers to collaborate with their team. Flexible deployment models and unlimited private repositories are important features of bitbucket.

3. Slack

Slack is a messaging app mainly for the teams of developers and designers. Use of slack makes developers easy to send files and other digital assets, for private messages and next important reason for its popularity over developers is Slack saves discussions and also creates a database of topics that have been discussed.

4. BlackDuck

Developers may face problems while coding and they may want to know whether any other developers has shared the code in open sources. After seeing the code of others, it would be easy for them to solve their problem. In this case Black Duck becomes a useful tool for developers to find the same code by other developers throughout the open sources. BlackDuck searches through lines of open source code and provides if available. This also saves time with the single software named open hub.

5. Source Tree

SourceTree is free Git & Mercurial client for Windows and Mac and for other repositories listed above. With a variety of services, SourceTree lets developers to work with repositories. SourceTree also allows you to collaborate with people who aren’t programmers too. For Windows and Mac users, SourceTree makes version control easy and visual.

At The End,

Programming only and programming professionally are different and every developer wants to be a professional developer rather than just a developer. A professional developer should be familiar with important tools, tricks and techniques of programming. These tools are important to enhance the quality of developers and to save their time.
These are the Top 5 Free Development Tools Every Developer Should Know that are necessary for security of their code, for teamwork and for time saving. I think I have covered most important tools for developers, and if you think any other tools are necessary, comment down your view.

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