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Everyone holds an android phone these days and almost everything is possible with the use of such applications. The functions of web design, development and graphics are called as complicated and they were supposed to be impossible with cell phone. But, such impossible are being converted to possible.
Though every function of development and graphics may not be possible, but minor functions are being performed even better than the desktop applications. There are not only complexities in the design and development field. The simple editing and writing codes and learning important tips are simple while listening and plays a vital role. They can be easily done from mobile from anywhere and anytime as we can move without our snack but cannot leave our cell phone these days.
So, to learn something whenever we want, to do some important official task when we are interested and when we have time, there are lots of android applications that can be used. Meanwhile, every application is not supposed to be included in our device as we always choose the top applications and install them. So, I am going to list out top 8 android applications that every developer and designer must have.


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This post contains Top 8 Must Have Android Applications For Designers And Developers.

1. PhoneGap Developer

Every developer knows the importance of testing tool to run and test their project and without such tool; their task cannot be called completed without running and checking. For testing purpose for web developers and designers, PhoneGap Developer is the best option. To view and test your project instantly on device, you can connect your PhoneGap desktop application after the installation of PhoneGap Developer. Phonegap is offered by Adobe and this app is supported in android 4.0 & .

2. Udacity - Learn Programming

Udacity is an android application that teaches you to code. Udacity contains the courses of programming language taught by industry experts from Google, Facebook, Cloudera and MongoDB. Udacity has been contributing for more than three millions of students. The courses in Udacity ranges from most basic of programming language to the advanced knowledge of them. If you are newbie willing to get knowledge of programming and willing to make career in programming or if you're a good developer, there are still many things to learn and practice for you. Using the android application of Udacity, you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, etc. Because of placement of programming problems and short quizzes, the learning via Udacity has been interesting and comparatively more effective.

3. QuickEdit Text Editor

I don't think I have to elaborate more about what actually the QuickEdit is as it is cleared by its name. Quickfast is an android app to quickly edit the code which can also be called advanced notepad. It allows its users to undo and redo modification limitlessly, code editing for more than 40 programming languages, show and hide line numbers, easily input color hex, physical keyboard support, supports both light and dark themes, high performance and real time feedback on large text files, etc. The application is optimized for cell phone and tablet and is also a fast speedy app. Selection and editing are quick, search and replace quickly, auto indent for new lines, etc are some more features of QuickEdit.

4. Autodesk SketchBox

Autodesk SketchBox is an android application for drawing application with a lot of sketching tools developed for the devices with screen size of 4" or more than 4". Keeping the importance of UI in mind, this application is designed and its functions are developed. Multi-touch navigation with a zoom of 2500%, allowing to merge 3 layers, lets designers control the opacity of each layer separately, enough tools(15 preset brushes, brush fade-up, add text, 4 different draw styles, free transform tool, color wheel, etc.) to make a good sketch. The artists can share their art directly from inside SketchBook to the largest online social network for artists i.e. deviantART. Drawing an art when you're bored off makes you enthusiastic and broadens your knowledge.

5. Turbo FTP client & SFTP client

Turbo is intuitive, fast and powerful android FTP client & SFTP client for file management and server maintenance and has made FTP easy and stylish. This app is optimized for both tablets and mobile phones. Turbo FTP client & SFTP client offers super cool theme with material icons, powerful text editor, private key and passphrase support, translation in various languages, etc. The functions possible on local files can also be done in remote files and every file can be opened as temporary file. The application can also be moved to SD card.

6. Evernote - stay organized

Evernote is simply a digital notepad, a note taking application to keep on notes of all types. Being an Evernote user, one can collect and write ideas, to-do lists, etc and can take notes as texts, audio, video, PDF files, photos, sketches, etc easily. Also, users can take picture of documents to easily scan them. The document, picture, etc from google docs, PDFs and google photos can be attached. Evernote lets you sync automatically across all the devices; task in progress from one device can be directly continued from another device. You can create note, share it to your team and discuss about it. You can make checklists, to-do lists and set reminders to get remembered in the right time. For business purpose Evernote can be used to create agendas, to prepare presentations, make to-do lists, write memos, etc. It allows them to annotate documents with feedback and opinions in the time of meetings.

7. Medium

Medium is another must have app not only for designers and developers which is developed to enable people to make an impression on others. With medium you can read, write and react. Once you download this app, you can personalize your reading list; you can select your favorite topics and read on the go. Medium allows you to write and save your thoughts or something you are interested in and it will automatically sync to your drafts folder so that you can access your contents from everywhere. You can give response, highlight a specific passage and recommend your followers right from your mobile. To get up to date with new technology and learn before anyone, I recommend you to try this app which is available in Google Play Store at free of cost.

8. XDA Premium

XDA is a mobile forum application that gives you access to world-famous XDA forum and lets you to reply to threads, create new thread, etc. Developers need help from other developers many times when something goes wrong during coding and when some confusion surrounds them. During such conditions forums like XDA forum can be the best source to get help from. There are both free and premium versions of XDA you can install one of them.

These were the best android applications that could help developers and designers to perform their task successfully. PhoneGap allows to run their projects, udacity lets you to learn programming languages, QuickEditor makes it easy to edit the code simply from mobile application, autodesk sketchbox to make you good in graphics designing and sketching, medium allows you to read news of your own choice, evernote- to take notes in advanced and technical way, XDA- a forum to get answers from other designers & developers and Turbo to manage the files and maintain the server.
Some of these may be more important to you while some others may be less important. Choose those which you need the must, have broad knowledge of your field, be expert. Enjoy Developing and Designing!
I hope this article "Top 8 Android Applications That Every Designer And Developer Must Have" was helpful for you. Now, I want feedback from you. If you think other applications are important then your suggestions are welcomed in the comment section.

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