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A freelancer is someone who is not bounded within a single company, is not compelled to work even when he is not interested and can work freely for the companies of different corners from his/her own home. Freelancer may denote to any individual or agency that is self employed and free to work on their own wish without being committed to any particular employer for long-term.

Freelancing platforms are the junctions that breezes the freelancers to the clients. They take certain percentage of freelancers’ earning as commission and provide more and more features in order to make secured payment, reliable marketplace and good/trustworthy relationship between clients and freelancers. There are numbers of freelancing platforms available in the internet and among them Toptal and Upwork are the best freelancing platforms. They are not exactly same though they are similar. So, I’d like to make a comparison of upwork and toptal showing similarities and dissimilarities among them.


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This post is a comparison of two of the best freelancing platforms upwork and toptal i.e. Upwork Vs Toptal and This post contains the similarities and differences among Upwork and Toptal.

What is Toptal and What are its’ Features?

Toptal is one of the newer and best freelancing platforms which was founded in 2010 by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott. Toptal has been listed as the fastest growing talent marketplace, fastest growing software company, fastest growing technology overall in 2015. Toptal is specifically developed for high-quality freelance developers and designers. According to Toptal, it accepts only 3% of the top developers from the market to make a success of any work. For getting approved in Toptal, one should pass its 4 important stages which include vocal interview for testing language, skill reviews to check skills and knowledge learnt, live tests to prove ones skills and finally practice project to analyze the work at overall.

If you're not an expert designer or developer, trying to join toptal will just be waste of time. But, if you think you are expert and you can face each situation then join Toptal right now, explore your knowledge and earn high for your work. You can see the review of Toptal also to know some more knowledge about it.


What is Upwork and How is it?

By merging two of the largest and popular freelancing platforms i.e. elance & oDesk, Upwork was formed on December 18, 2013. Upwork is today's most popular and largest freelance platform connecting millions of freelancers to millions of clients. Not being limited to freelancers having specific skills, upwork is the best freelancing site for freelancers having any kind of skills can join upwork for free and can work as per their knowledge. In order to make best choice of freelancers, upwork allows clients to take interview of freelancers.
Upwork awards good freelancers in different ways to encourage them; the new freelancers with complete profile and passed skills successfully are awarded as “Rising Talent”, freelancers’ job success rate is shown in their profile (high is the job success rate, high will be the chance of getting jobs), freelancers (individuals) with an earning of over $1000 with more than 90% job success score and good rating are awarded as “Top Rated” while the agencies should fulfill even more criteria. Getting first job is somehow a challenging and you should have good knowledge about how to get first job in upwork.

What is common in between Upwork and Toptal?

Being both the freelancing platforms without any doubt they are similar in many features. Payment from both of them is secured and both of them are reliable to work on.

Then, How Upwork and Toptal can be differentiated?

Both the upwork and toptal are freelancing platforms; they’re not exactly same and are not developed for exactly same purpose. All types of jobs can be posted and get the job done in the upwork while in toptal jobs only for developers and designers can be posted and get the job done. Joining and getting approved to Upwork is far easier than getting approved in Toptal. Upwork doesn’t limit the number of freelancers while Toptal limits it to top 3%.

Tech Tip:

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After all, what I can say is everything has its good and bad aspects and no any object created by imperfect human can be perfect. Both Upwork and Toptal are best in their own way; upwork is there for every freelancers and toptal is collection of best freelancers. If you are an expert developer or designer then Toptal is suitable for you and if you have knowledge in any other field that can be done virtually then upwork is suitable for you.
Not only Upwork and Toptal are the freelancing platforms, you can join to other freelancing sites from among the list of Best Freelancing Sites For Freelancers.

And, If you are a client also, you can choose in your own way. If you want expert developers and designers then jump to toptal and if there is not necessity of expert freelancers then getting the job done from upwork would be cheaper and better. Or, you can give it to the freelancers from other platforms from the best freelancing sites to find perfect freelancers.

This is what I’ve learnt about Upwork and Toptal. If you have used any of these, I request you to share your experience in the comment box without any hesitation.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Happy Freelancing!

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