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With the advancement of search engine trend, image optimization is an important part of SEO. Images play an important role as other parts of a site play for SEO. Images drive a lot of traffic to the site from image based search engines like google search engine so image SEO should be taken as important part of SEO. Images give a good look to the articles, magazines and make a post interesting with the look.

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After knowing the importance of images in the blogs, posts and magazines and the role of image to drive the traffic, one should be interested to optimize images for search engines.
Here are some of the important tips to avoid and apply or suggestions to bring changes on your site for better SEO:
  • Include the important keywords in the image file name

If you've been doing SEO for your site, you've been using keywords in many places including the URL of the page for sure and you've been known to the importance of keywords for SEO. In the same way, to optimize images too, using the right keywords in the file name is very important. Image file name is exactly the same name as seen on your computer and it is easy to use image filename. Change your images' file name to make them keyword focused with main words of the post title. Remove small words like and, of, for, a, the, etc and include hyphens between the words and avoid underscores. Also use the images of common image file type like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Give a keyword rich alt tag and title tag text

Search engines can't read images, for this you can alt tag and title tag with the description of your image. The text written within the alt tag and title tag are the alternative to show when images are not loaded and impacts in search engine. The alt tag and title tag should be written plain text; better not using any symbols as visitors mostly do not search with symbols you use. The alt tag and title tag text should be keyword rich, short to the point and needs a proper description.
  • Perfect Scale for Image SEO

The scale of image size effects in the loading time of the image and ultimately the loading time of site. At the mean time I think you know that loading time is important component of SEO; the faster the site gets loaded, the faster the site is indexed and is placed to the top in search engine results. There was a tradition of using large sized image and showing it in small size. But, it's bad effect towards loading time and ultimately to the SEO of the site. So, scale the image to the size you really want to show in the site.
  • Use XML image Sitemaps

Giving information to Google about your images that you've uploaded on your site, you should add image specific tag to each image in the sitemap. So, let's call it "images in sitemaps" rather than "XML image sitemaps". You can add the descriptive information of your image by two ways; either adding image information to the existing sitemap or using a separate sitemap to list images. The image information may include title of the image, caption to image, subject matter, location of the image, etc.
  • Reduce the file size of the image

The size of images’ file is directly proportional to the loading time and eventually the SEO of the size. So, try to minimize the size of image as much as you can but make sure that the quality of the image hasn’t been degraded in a noticeable way.

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