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Link building is the process of getting link to the pages of your website via external pages of external websites. Link-building is one of the most important tactics for SEO. And those links built on the other websites' pages to link back to your website are called backlinks. Backlinks are also called inbound links inlinks, inward links, and incoming links to a web page or website. Link building is known as challenging and difficult part of search engine optimization(SEO) which requires several skills like creation of quality content, effective marketing strategy, programming, etc which will make other sites link to your site time and again. Back-linking from authorized website matters a lot for SERP than others.

Link Building For SEO

Quality backlinks helps to improve search engine ranking of your website. Links by other sites to your site or page is like a vote or like to the content of your site. In this post, you'll get brief guide about the best ways to build backlinks.

Create Quality Content and Promote it

If you provide high quality content and if you became able to satisfy your visitors then they will naturally link your site in other sites. Write content that can be viral, that is funny and interesting so that visitors who see it once, wants to share that with their friends and they may share link during this. If your content is qualitative, people who see it and like it will refer to others via link which will certainly help in link building.
Also, promote your content to famous blogs, advertising agencies, etc to increase your visitors and to build backlinks.

Add Your Website’s Link in Profile

When you create an account to any social media or any other websites, you’re asked to fill up your website in many sites. Add the link of your site to your bio or in the respective place which is an idea for link-building. In doing this, your link will be included in many sites and will enhance backlinking.

Create a RSS Feed

The RSS feed of your site may be listed in many news/articles readers so that the number of backlinks of your site will increase. So, make a good looking and effectively working RSS feed of your site to help in link building and eventually to optimize your site in search engine results.

Build Good Relationships

Your relationship with other bloggers or webmasters is also an important for any business including link building for SEO. The people who know you are always the people who know you, they are there for you in case you need and they can help you in link building too. Make an agreement to put their link on your site and make them put your link to their sites. To build relationship with people, be nice to them, show kindness towards them, care for them, participate in survey & start conversation with people, get involved in conferences, meet people in hangouts & Skype, call them and talk face-to-face, make them happy via social media & ask for e-mail, etc.

Submit Your Site in Popular Search Engines

If you submit your site in search engine, in one hand it helps to grow backlinking and in the other hand, it directly affects in search engine optimization. So, get double benefit by submitting your site in popular search engines link google search engine, bing, yahoo, yandax, ask, etc.

Participate in Link Exchange Programs

Try finding top sites doing link exchanging for SEO and exchange the link of your site to the link of their site. Find more and more such people and contact them for reciprocal links.

Submit Your Site to Bookmark Sites

For the purpose of building links, submit your site to bookmark sites like DIGG, Slashdot, etc. Meanwhile, go through their terms and conditions and spam policy.


The several ideas for link-building are included in this post. You have to care for small and small things and you can build links in simple ways. Mainly focus on your content, make it of high quality so as to obtain organic backlinks. Also, create RSS feed, submit your site to search engines & bookmark sites, participate in forums, link exchange programs, build good relationship with people & make them put the link of your site to theirs’, etc for link building.

What's Next?

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I tried my best to help you to provide tactics for link building for SEO and I hope this article was helpful for you. If you think any important ideas you know are missing, let me know them. Feedbacks are welcomed. :)

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