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What is a domain?

A Domain is a small keyword string which gives the identification to a business and is also called administrative authority within the internet. Domain of each site should vary and domain can be presented in different forms. Let’s take an example of; which is chosen from options like,, next, etc. The numbers, hyphens, space, etc can be used together with the characters in the domain.

How domain affects in SEO?

Domain name is your brand name; people try to find you in the internet by your domain name, so domain name is important. If your domain name denotes your brand then right people will find it via search engine. There may be lots of posts and contents exactly similar to your domain name, but search engine prioritizes the domain name over the posts and contents.

Things to consider while choosing the best web domain:

Keeping in mind that domain name is the main identity of your site, you should determine perfect domain name for you.
Consider these simple points while choosing a domain name:
  • Represent your ultimate goal in the domain but in the name of representing goal identity do not make your domain name too long i.e. the domain name should be keyword rich. Such domain names are prioritized by webmasters in the search engine.
  • Make it short and sweet. Search engines do not score the sites by the length of domain but short names are easily memorized by people and ultimately traffic grows.
  • Make it easily pronounceable and meaningful so that people who know can spread or refer to others.
  • It should be easily memorable so that people once heard or seen will remember it easily.
  • Do not include hyphens in the domain name.
  • For better SEO, sub-folders are prescribed by webmasters rather than sub-domains. For example: if you want an “about” page for your site, you are suggested to add subfolder to make it rather than adding a sub-domain to make

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