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Meta title, description and keywords are categorized as "meta-data" which is used to describe the information within the coding part of site. This information is the key information from you to your users and search engine about your site. The number of qualified traffic gets increased if the meta-data provided is consistent to the site’s theme.

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Let’s talk about three of these components i.e. meta-title, meta-keywords and meta-description separately:

What is meta-title and how to choose title for better SEO?

Meta title is that title of phrase of maximum length of 35 characters (with spaces) which is displayed in the title bar of the windows, which is seen when someone bookmarks your page, which simply denotes your whole page. The “title” tag can be found in the “head” section of the coding part of your site. It is at the top portion of coding part and at the topper most portion of the Webpage. The title of the pages has significant effect over Search Engines. So, you should carefully choose the title of your site or page.

Consider these points while choosing title for better SEO:

  • Limit the length of your site’s title’s length to maximum 9 words or 60 characters.
  • Avoid non-existed and meaningless phrases in the title.
  • Incorporate your most important keyword at the first of your title.
  • Don’t use hyphens, commas and underscores in the title to separate one keyword or phrase from another. Instead use a vertical pipe i.e. “|” to separate keywords or phrases from one another.
  • Put your company name, if it is important keyword for a post and even if it is not important too, put it at the end of your title as the brand name or company name plays a vital role in search engine optimization.
  • The title should be relevant to the description of whole page.
  • The title of each page should be different from one another.
  • The <Title> tag should be the first element of head section.

What is meta-keyword and how to choose best keywords for better SEO?

Keyword is that word which matches the query asked in the search engine to the specific information of the site. When single word is search that is called keyword, consisting of more words or phrase are known as keyword phrases, search phrases, query phrases, keywords, etc. Your meta-keywords highly affect in the search engine but they’re not seen by your visitors.
Your important keywords can be included in many places like in <title> tag, in <meta name="description">, in <meta name="keyword">, in headline tags i.e. <h1>, <h2>, etc, in link tags, in alt tags, in comment tags, in URL, etc.
Finding keywords is not a difficult job but it’s a bit tricky. To find best keywords for your site, follow these simple ideas:
  • Those words which visitors will use to find your site, product or service.
  • The potential words of such problems which your customers will get solution from your product and service.
  • Look after keywords tags others websites of your competitors have.
  • Google keyword Tool is there to help you to find important keywords; you can use it.
  • Include the words that google suggests while searching.

While determining suitable keywords for your site, consider these things:

  • The repentance of keywords in the meta-tag is a good idea but don't repeat too many times as some search engines will take it as keyword spamming which is also called keyword frequency.
  • Placing of keywords at the title tag & heading tag are referred by most of the search engines and at the meantime some search engines placing keywords in the link text is preferred and this is called keyword placement.
  • Keywords placed early in the page, in the first paragraph, in the first heading give better effect than rest of others and this property is kept as keyword prominence.
  • Do repeat the keywords depending on the total density of the pages. Keep an appropriate proportion of the number of keywords you use in a page to the total number of words of that page which is called keyword density or keyword weight.

What is meta-description and how to choose best description for a site for better SEO?

Meta description is the HTML attribute giving the short explanation of a page which is the little text that search engines display in search results which directly appears just below the title of your page. Most of the times, meta-description is what discourages or encourages to people to visit your site. Your meta-description is seen only by those visitors who find your page in search engine.

Some points to consider while choosing a meta-description:

  • Though you're allowed for making your meta-description lengthy, limit it up to maximum 155 characters for better SEO of your page.
  • Use your important keywords in the meta-description tag.
  • Do not give the same meta description for multiple pages, use a unique meta-description for each pages as the content of each page varies.
  • Don't keep repeating the same key words in the meta description of a page.

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