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What is Anchor text?

The clickable text in a hyperlink which links to another location on the web is called anchor text. This is also called link title or link label. While clicking to the text called anchor text, the page leads to the link placed in the hyperlink.
For Example: <a href=”http://www.nextearning.com/2016/04/what-is-seo-and-how-it-works.html”>What is SEO and How it works?</a>
Here, “What is SEO and How it works?” is the anchor text, with the click in anchor text the post with the given link opens.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor texts can be of various types like;

Generic Anchors

Generic Anchors clarify call to action. The different Anchor Texts like “Click here to see full post”, “Go to this site to learn SEO”, etc contain generic anchors “Click here”, “Go to this site”, etc.

Brand + Keyword Anchors

In this type, the targeted keywords are combined with the brand name.
Anchor texts like “SEO Tutorial by NextEarning” contain both the keyword (SEO Tutorial) and brand (NextEarning).

Naked Link Anchors

The link anchors only with the link URL are called naked link anchors.
The anchors like www.nextearning.com, “nextearning.com”, “wikepedia.org”, etc are naked link anchors.

Image Anchors

The anchor text in the image helps to find images in search engine. The alt and title tag of image are the anchors of the image.

How to Optimized Anchor Text?

Anchor text is an important component for SEO. The anchor text shows the direction to a link on webpage. This helps in the better SEO of that post or page linked in the anchor text which is called Internal linking if the link is of that own site and external linking or backlinks if the link is not of its own site.
Putting anchor text in any way cannot lead to the better SEO. Some important tasks are to perform and some are to avoid. Here, the dos and don’ts of the anchor text for better SEO will be discussed.
Consider these points while putting an anchor text:
  • The anchor text should contain appropriate keywords. This text should be relevant to the text of the page you are redirecting to and focusing on the highlighted keywords of that page would be even better.
  • While adding the links of other sites, be sure the site whose link you’ve added exists. In case of nonexistence of site, the link is called broken link which has a negative effect in SEO.
  • In case of internal linking, make sure that you have a good internal linking structure on your site with the use of targeted keywords anchor text, and in case of external linking, make sure that you haven’t mixed up the anchor text for external linking with the anchor text of internal linking.
  • Do not put on same type of anchor text every time. Make a combination of generic anchors, branded anchors, natural anchors, image anchors, naked anchors, exact match anchors, etc.
  • Make sure that you've not linked to toxic and spammy sites just for the sake of backlinks. Links on authorized and healthy sites will be highly beneficial.
  • The keyword rich internal linking will be harmful for SEO. So, try your best to avoid it.

What’s Next?

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