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Complete SEO Tutorial for Everyone

 What is SEO?

Let's start SEO from its fullform. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process or activity that helps in improving search engine ranking of any posts and sites. Everyday new posts and new sites are getting published and registered. At the mean time, search engines cannot place all the sites at the top while searching and because of which they place serially one after another being based on the quality, content, responsiveness, etc of the site. So, in other language the process of driving traffic from search result or getting a site placed in the first few pages of search engine can be defined as SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Why SEO is important for everyone?

Blogs and websites are the sources to explore something to the world. So, no one owns them to watch to look after only by him/herself and to hide from the rest of the world. They want as much as high traffic in their blog or site.  SEO is the best process or activities to reach your blog/site to the internet which eventually leads in getting more number of visitors to your site. SEO helps you to reach your content, your site, your blog to the people surfing over internet, lets them know about your site, and makes them visit your site.
The ultimate goal of every blogger and webmaster is to get high traffic and the best way to drive more traffic is SEO. I think this single sentence is enough to show the importance of SEO.
  • How SEO works?

SEO isn’t about adding little code or installing a plugin and completing the whole task. SEO includes many steps from various aspects of a site from almost each and every small element. From simple tag to the whole site plays important in SEO of that site. For a better SEO, one site should be fast loading, it should be responsive, no broken links, tags, title & links attached properly, no unnecessary scripts, etc are simple things to be cared and there advanced steps too which you’ll learn here.
  • What should you need to get started?

If you are here to learn SEO, what you need is willingness to learn it. It is said, “When there’s will, there is way.” In the same way, if you have desire to learn SEO, you don’t need anything at all as I am going to teach you from the most beginning part of SEO. But, if you have little knowledge of HTML, it will be more beneficial for you.
  • What will be covered?

In simple words, whole SEO will be covered being divided into different topics and sub-topics to make you easy to understand.The complete SEO Tutorial is divided into small parts.
The Complete SEO Tutorial includes:
  1. How to choose SEO Friendly domain name?
  2. What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?
  3. How to Determine Best Title, Keyword and Description for Website?
  4. Best Ways To Optimize Image For SEO
  5. What Is Anchor Text and How To Optimize It?
  6. Complete Link-Building Guide For SEO
  7. How To Optimize URL For SEO?
  8. Internal Linking For SEO
  9. How Quality Of Content Affects SEO?
  10. Best Techniques for Mobile SEO
  11. HTTP Vs HTTPS: What’s the difference?
  12. Top 10 SEO Tips to Increase Page Speed
  13. How To Submit Site to Search Engines?
  14. How To Setup Google Webmaster?
  15. How To Create Sitemap; Build Your Own Or Use Sitemap Generator
  16. How To Submit Sitemap To Search Engines?
  17. How To Create And Add Robots.txt To Any Website?
  18. How To Setup Bing Webmaster Tools?

  • What's next?

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