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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles?

Assign Page Roles to Your Team and Download Facebook Pages Manager App

In the previous post, I have explained about instant articles, how to create instant articles account, how to create business manager account and how to add page in business manager. If you haven’t gone through that, I recommend you to go through Complete Guide to Setup Facebook Instant Articles: Part I before this one as this is the sequentially ordered post and cannot be done without doing its part I.
Guide to setup facebook instant articles

In this post, we’ll manage and assign different roles of pages to our team and we’ll also download an important app called facebook pages manager app.

Step-1: Add your team member to business manager

Go to and look at the left column, you’ll see “Add new”. Hover over it and click to the topper most result i.e. people.

Complete Guide to setup instant articles

 You can add employees or admin to business manager by entering their e-mail address in the dialog box. You may use commas to separate different e-mails. After assigning their role as admin or employee click to the “Add people” button.

Step-2: Assign pages to employees and admin

After adding your team member as employee or admin, choose single or many pages that you have authority of which.
Assign page roles

Step-3: Skip Ad Account and product catalog Setting

After assignment pages, the new page appeared will be about ad account assignment which should be skipped by you. Also skip the new page followed as “Product Catalog Setting”. Then the people you added will get an invitation.

Step-4: Go to your page for instant articles configuration

Go to and click to “Use page” at the bottom of the mid section of the page.

use page

On doing this you’ll be forwarded to the facebook page of the respective business. Click to “Publishing Tools” to find out options for instant articles. At the left-bottom section, you will see “instant articles” and “configuration” just below/within instant articles. Click to ‘configuration’ to see options to setup RSS feed.
Instant Articles Configuration

You haven’t yet published any instant articles. After publishing them you’ll get various managing options by clicking “Publishing Tools” at the top and “Instant Articles” at the left menu where you’ll get your instant articles in a list.

Step-5: Publishing instant articles

You can use one or both of two different systems Instant Articles API or a secure RSS feed to submit instant articles directly from your content management system. The content that you submit to facebook must be formatted into Instant Articles markup. After doing this, a web-based editor will be provided from which you’ll revise and manage the content as per the need. The editor will be accessible from your facebook page.
You need to get your formatted content being reviewed and approved by instant articles team to publish instant articles. To provide better user experience to your visitor, you’d better create an instant article version of each article you publish on your website. The instant articles will be posted as common facebook post; won’t be posted twice. Instant articles will be added to the instant articles library of your page. To begin publishing you may learn about publishing through instant articles API, through RSS feed and you can manage posts from instant articles library.

Step-6: Testing your instant articles

You can use the tools like Article Editor and Pages Manager app to edit and test the instant articles. In the Article Editor, you can review and correct errors in the markup. Similarly, page manager on android and iPhone phone is available and currently not available for tablet. For this, you must be an admin of the page.
Before you start publishing instant articles, facebook will review your sample of your instant articles to make sure that your readers will have a good experience and they will be encouraged to read your instant articles time and again.

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