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Sitemap is a roadmap for Search engines showing the direction where should it go. The better and readable is the sitemap, the quicker and better will crawl the search engines to the site. It is one of the important tools determining the search engine ranking of a site. After submitting an effective sitemap to the major search engines raises the chance of presenting/showing up in the search engine result when related queries are being asked.

build or generate sitemap

Sitemap provides the detailed information about the content of your website to the search engines around the internet. Sitemaps are used for many purposes; they provide entrance to some pages and help to index the pages in the search engines.
Sitemap is important component of SEO, Do you know how to create sitemap?
If you know, that’s great and if you don’t know, calm down because you are in the right place to learn the way of creating sitemap. Here, you’ll be guided with step by step process to create sitemap.

Create HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap is all about the list of links of the pages, media of your site. HTML sitemap is suitable for those sites having very few numbers of pages and few numbers of categories, having simple structure, etc. HTML sitemaps make easy to navigate to the various pages to the visitors. But the problem is HTML sitemaps are not recognized by every search engines. So, Google recommends using the XML format to be recognized by all the search engines.
To create a HTML sitemap, create a new page and name it sitemap.html.
List out the links of your various posts and pages.
<li><a href="" title="Home">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="About">About Us</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Services">Services</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Sitemap">Site Map</a></li>
This is very easy but not a better idea.

Create XML Sitemap

Creating your own sitemap template is not difficult as we commonly imagine because you'll be easily guided and you'll be provided with the necessary codes. Copy the following code in a text editor and save it as ".xml" file. /

Here, <lastmod> tag implies the date of last modification of your page, <changefreq> tag implies the frequency of you bring change to your page (never will stand for archived and always will stand for each time a visitor views) and <priority> tag refers to the importance given to one page in comparison to others which should be from 0.0 to 1.0 meanwhile the default priority for pages is 0.5. Don't forget to replace the URL (nextearning) <loc> tag.

Major search engines accept URLs submitted via webmasters so that search engines find easy to crawl. Submit the Sitemap to the search engines.

You May Use Sitemap Generator

Hundreds of sitemap generators are available in the internet; some of them are free while some are paid too. Among them, free sitemap generators keep a limit of pages to be submitted. The top 4 renowned sitemap generators are:
  • SiteCrawler
  • G-Mapper
  • InSpyder
  • XML-Sitemaps
If you're using wordpress as your content management system then you can simply login to get access to sitemap generators. You may create from anywhere and don't forget to submit your sitemap to the search engines.

Creating Sitemap In Wordpress

In wordpress, you’ll get plugins to create sitemap. One of the best plugin for sitemap generation is Yoast Wordpress SEO which is one of the must have wordpress plugin for wordpress users.

Sitemap for Blogger(Blogspot)

For the blogging sites hosted from google needn’t create and submit Sitemap. After the setup of site in the webmaster, the sitemap will automatically be generated. You can see it in the webmaster tool and in the site(live), you’ll can see it as: .

This post was all about creation and generation of sitemap in different platforms, in different languages, in different ways. Don’t forget to submit your sitemap to the search engines through separate webmasters of separate search engines.
Leave a feedback in the comment box and let me know whether this post for creating sitemap was helpful for you.

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