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Beginner's guide to setup Bing Webmaster tools

Going through many search engines at a time and indexing your page to various search engines is necessary for complete SEO of a site. At least you’ve to go through top 4 or 5 search engines manually to index your site. This post is about Bing webmaster tools to index your site to Bing search engine.

Setup Bing Webmaster Tools

I will provide a complete guide to setup Bing Webmaster tools and get your site indexed. No matter if you’re completely new to Bing webmaster tools, you’ll get complete guidance.

Step 1: Sign in or sign up to webmaster with Microsoft account



You may probably have a Microsoft account (i.e. hotmail, live, outlook any of these, if not create a account to any of these(hotmail, outlook and live). Go to and sign in if you already have a Microsoft account and if you don’t have sign up to Microsoft.

Step 2: Add your site’s URL 

Add site in bing webmaster tools


Then you’ll be asked to add the URL of your site. Put your site’s URL in the form at the top of the page and click add. This time you shouldn’t go through rest of the portion of that page as that part is required after adding site, in the days to come to manage the site.

Step 3: Fill up the full information of your website

Add site in bing webmaster


You have to provide full information of your site and about you too here. You’ll be asked to fill up the URL of your site, Sitemap, the time you receive maximum traffic, your info (name, e-mail, job role, organization’s name, organization size, category of your business, address, etc). Fill up each textboxes carefully and move forward.

Step 4: Verify yourself as the owner of that site

Bing webmaster tools

You’ll have three options to verify ownership for your site.

You’ll be provided with guidance there too. However, let me describe in simple way. Download the given file named BingSiteAuth.xml and upload the file to (put your site’s domain in the place of ‘nextearning’). Visit to in your browser to confirm that you’ve successfully uploaded the file. You’ve added an xml file to you Then, verify the ownership by clicking the verify button from the bottom of the page.

You can verify your site by simply copying a line of meta-tag given there (A meta tag with the authentication code) and pasting it to the head section of your default webpage.
The meta tag will be like (it varies for every site):
<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="HGY4Y7Y8S8W78W78HS8SHU8SSIHISH88S" />
After pasting the code(meta-tag) provided, click verify from the bottom of that page.

In comparison to above two options, this one is somehow more technical. If you don't have access to modify the head section of your default home page; or if you've access to only your hosting solution, you cannot follow above two methods and hence you've to go through this option. To verify ownership, you should add a CNAME record with the given name and value On doing this, your DNS server will resolve the host to You'll get instruction about adding CNAME there.After adding the CNAME record, click the button “verify”.

After verifying, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where you’ll be able to see the detailed data about your site in the bing search engine showing progress and regress so that you can improve in case if any errors are found. Click to “Configure My Site” at the left side of the page to configure your site.
You can even manually submit your site and submit your sitemap to search engines including Bing. I hope this post was helpful for you. Comment below for queries and feedback.

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