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You've to create an account in google webmaster and set up google webmaster tools to optimize your site and web pages. Google webmaster tools provide you the details about the changes in your website; provides information/update about what is going on.

Guide to setup google webmaster tool

The webmaster tools tell about the indexing of your site to search engines, errors/issues and messages (if any), search appearance, search analytics, internal and external links, etc. It also tells about the focused keywords, status in the google indexing, blocked resources and helps to remove URLs.
Google Webmaster is an important tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which shows about your progress & regress, issues to solve and path to follow, etc. Let’s enter to the main topic; set upping google webmaster tool. Let me describe the whole process step by step.

Step 1: Add Property In Google Webmaster Tool

Add property in webmaster


Go to and go through the use of google webmaster written there and add the link of your site in the form where property is asked and click the button “Add Property”.

Step 2: Verify Your Ownership in Google Webmaster

Verify Your Ownership in Google Webmaster


You’ve to verify that you’re the owner of the site you entered link. You have two different options for this; one is Recommended method and another is Alternate method. In recommend method, you’ve to download the given HTML file and upload to the home directory of your site. After uploading the file, click to the given link to confirm that you’ve successfully. At the meantime you’ll get option to verify your site, don’t miss to verify. You shouldn’t remove this HTML file to the date you want webmaster tool to work for you.
Then, verify yourself as a human and move forward.
Similarly, alternate method provides few more options where you can verify your site by adding HTML tag, from the name of domain provider, by using your google analytics account and by using google tag manager.
But the best way is uploading HTML file and verifying i.e. recommended method.

Step 3: Add a Sitemap

After getting your site verified, you've to create a sitemap and submit it to the webmaster. Sitemap provides the brief details of the pages and content of your site.
This was all about adding site, verifying it and adding a sitemap to the Google Webmaster.
The webmaster page now will look like this:
Looks of webmaster page

In google webmaster, you’ll get information about errors and issues to look after, process in indexing the site in search engines, about the sources and process of arrival of traffic, status and errors on crawl etc.
I hope the post was helpful, comment below for any queries and feedback.

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