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These days the newly created hosted sites and pages are automatically notified to the search engines. But, few years ago, this system was not in action and had to submit the site to the search engines. However submitting site to search engines is not removed from the search engine optimization process; is still taken as an important part of SEO because each search engines do not index each site URLs themselves.

Site submission to Search engines

To be shown in the search engines, search engine result pages you should submit your site URL to the search engines with other important search engine components i.e. meta-description, keywords, etc. You have to introduce your site map to the search engine before thinking of paying high to the search engines and get better ranking in the SERP. And this process is free of cost.

Search engine submission is important to get your site noticed in the search engines. Manually submitting site to popular search engines makes sure about their crawl to your site and the fast they crawl your site the fast they index it to the search engine results.
The top 10 search engines are
  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  5. Yandex
  6. Baidu
  7. DuckDuckGo
  10. Wow

Here I will explain about the ways of submitting site URL to the three search engines briefly.
Before submitting one method of creating sitemap is left. So, let me start from creating a sitemap:

Create a Sitemap:


To create your sitemap, go to and enter your full website and then click "Start" to get started. You'll see two primary sitemaps with the option to download. A XML sitemap which is required for sitemap and another one you is HTML sitemap which is usable for your website readers. Here we are talking about SEO and specifically about submitting site to search engines so I have to focus on SML sitemap as it is important for SEO and you can download both of the sitemaps if you want too.
In order to download your sitemap, you've to click the link. After then, upload your downloaded sitemap to your main/home directory and ultimately your sitemap will be ready for search engines and readers. Creating a sitemap and uploading it is very simple.

Submit Site URL to Google

Google is the biggest, most popular and most important search engine. So, you've to submit your site to Google without any hesitation and do it carefully. Google is probably known by everyone and I guess you've a google account. If you haven't yet also you can create it right now. The first step is to sign in google account and click 'My i-Google' to 'My Account' to find webmaster tools. Type your domain name in the respective place and verify it by putting a little code to the home page of your site and then submit your sitemap. You'll be allowed to enter your sitemap extension to the drop down box appeared after clicking 'Submit a Sitemap', after doing this google will be aware about your extension.

Submit Site URL to Bing

Submitting site to another popular search engine i.e. Bing doesn't contain long process. Directly go to the link and enter the characters to prove that you're a human. Then after type your site URL and click 'Submit URL" button. This is how, your process is over.

Submit Site URL to Yahoo

You need a Yahoo account to submit your site to the Yahoo Search engine. If you already have, that's fine and if not create an account right now. Since, the webmaster tool used by Bing/MSN and Yahoo is same, you shouldn't submit separately to both. So, if you haven't submitted to Bing then submit to yahoo. The process for both of them is same.

As you know, submitting site in search engines is an important portion of SEO, don’t try to skip it. With being submitted, your site may not be indexed and may not be displayed in the SERP leading to the no visitor to your site.

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