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I’ve explained about the different ways of creating sitemap in my previous article and let’s move forward to submit the created sitemap to the search engines. Sitemap itself is an important part of SEO and submission of sitemaps manually to the search engines is must. It’s is commonly known that the most popular and important search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo normally.

Submission of sitemap to search engines

 Here, in this post I am going to explain separately about the process of submitting sitemap to these search engines.

Submitting Sitemap to Google

To submit the sitemap to Google, you must verify your site firstly. If you don't know how to setup Google webmaster tools and how to verify site then, follow up my past article to setup webmaster tools and verify your site to google.
After verifying your site to Google, go through these simple steps:
-Go to the webmaster tools site and select the site whose sitemap you're going to submit
-Click "Site Configuration" on doing which it will extend and you'll see "Sitemaps"
-What are you still looking for? Click to the "Sitemaps". Then after you'll see the page with an "Add/Test Sitemap" button at the top right corner, click that button
-Paste "/system/feeds/sitemap" in the box that pops up and Submit the sitemap.
Your sitemap is successfully submitted to the Google.

Submitting Sitemap to Bing

Follow these simple steps to submit your sitemap to Bing search engine:
-Login to microsoft account (hotmail, outlook, live, etc) and navigate to Bing Master Center
-Fill the URL of your to the URL bar and click "Add Site" to add your site/sitemap to Bing Search Engine.
-Your site will be indexed in the bing search engine after being validated by Bing's staffs. They will validate your sitemap when there is no error found in the sitemap.

Submitting Sitemap to Yahoo

Here is the simple step by step guide to submit sitemap to Yahoo Search Engines:
-Sign in to yahoo account and go to Yahoo Site Explorer
-Fill your site's URL and click "Add My Site". You must validate as the owner of that site as you and after validating you'll get chance to submit your sitemap.
-Click to your site's url and look at the right column and then click to "Add Feed" from the dropdown as "Web Site Feed".
-Yahoo will look after errors and efficiency of your sitemap and validate it if no any errors are found. After getting validated, your site will begin to index in Yahoo Search Engine.

Creating sitemap gets value only if you submit it to the search engines. On the basis of your submission to search engines, your site will be indexed in the search engines. The fast you submit, the fast your site will be indexed and the more number or organic traffic you’ll get. So, submit your sitemap carefully without making any errors and enjoy organic traffic.
It was little effort from my side to guide you to submit sitemaps to the popular search engines. Comment down for any feedback and queries.

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