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Sign Up And Configure Instant Articles

Facebook instant article is an important publishing tool to publish and format your website’s post in facebook in your own way. Facebook instant article feature is originated to load the web post on the facebook far better than webpage or a new tab within application. Your post will be posted in your format and will load about 10 times faster which your visitors will not bother to see.

Instant articles setup guide

The main part of this tutorial post is to guide you how to setup instant articles. So, let’s enter to the main theme of this post by starting the guide:

Step-1: Sign Up to Instant Articles

Go to click the “Sign Up” button without getting any confusion, if you’ve login your facebook already to that browser you’ll be redirected and if not you’ll be asked to login and then you should choose the respective facebook page of your site in which you want to implement instant articles.

Instant articles sign up 

Accept instant articles terms and policies by ticking to the checkbox and click to the button “Access Instant Articles Tools”. 

Step-2: Configure instant articles from facebook


Configure instant articles


After signing up, you’ll be redirected to your respective facebook page’s publishing tools. You can see Instant articles at the bottom of the lists in the left side. Click to the “Configuration” inside instant articles and read the given ideas surfacely as we are going through the complete instant articles setup with the coherence of articles.

Step-3: Create an account to business manager

You can access instant articles from two ways; directly from your personal facebook account and another from business manager. Go to to create an account to business manager. Single business manager account will be sufficient to manage your single or multiple businesses. 

Create an account to business manager

Step-4: Add your pages to business manager

After successfully creating a business manager account, go to again and see at the left side of page, you’ll find “claim assets” and “page” within it. Click to the “page” and enter your facebook page’s URL in the pop-up box and then click to “claim page” button. Then business manager will send a request to all the admin and editors of respective page to ask them to approve your request.

Add page to business manager

This step may take some time as each admins and editors have to approve your request.
After they approve, you’ll manage page’s roles given to them. I will come with another post for that.
I tried my best to make you clear and easy to understand instant articles, sign up to instant articles, configure instant articles, create a business manager account and add your pages. 
Some of the admin of our page are offline currently so I couldn’t move further without their approval. I’ll continue the process in the next article to setup instant articles in part II.

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