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AdsOptimal is one of the today's emerging ad networks which was established in 2012 in San Francisco. In this adsoptimal review post, we will go through AdsOptimal for publishers, Pros and cons of AdsOptimal, Payment methods of AdsOptimal, Minimum payout or payment threshold of AdsOptimal and a conclusion explaining why you should join or shouldn't join AdsOptimal. I will also share you earning report so that you can evaluate yourself why it is best adsense alternative for publisher. 


In the beginning I was scared when one of my sites disapproved form google adsense for many times. I even tried other alternative ad networks such as chitika, Bidvitiser but because of the ad quality they serve and the cpm, cpc rate they provide disappointed me. When one of my friends suggested me to try this network, I am really satisfied. Ad quality is as high as google adsense and rate is also good. I am getting more than $2 but it depends upon the site you are displaying ads. They grade site to serve the quality of ads. If your site is bronze then probably you are getting less CPM, if silver you will get average CPM and if you are gold publisher you will get high quality ads as well as high CPM rate and ultimately higher the revenue.


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AdsOptimal for Publishers:

AdsOptimal was known as the premium mobile ad network before some months. But now, it is available for both mobile and desktop sites. The revenue is paid on CPC, CPM and CPA basis and the rate depends on the quality of your site. The sites submitted to AdsOptimal are reviewed before approving and the approved sites are categorized as gold, silver and bronze depending on the quality of sites.

Minimum requirement for the approval of any site, the site must not contain any objectionable or adult content, the publisher must not use any impression generating software, etc. AdsOptimal offers ads in different formats i.e. 360° video ads/virtual reality, page-level ads, inline ads and smart bottom ads for mobile.

Get $15 as bonus by clicking this link when your site is approved.

Pros of AdsOptimal:

  • Offers high quality ads
  • Easy process for approval and installation
  • Malware free and fast loading ads
  • Timely payment
  • Welcomes approved sites with bonus($5 for non-premium sites and $10 for premium sites)

Cons of AdsOptimal:

  • Weak customer support
  • Sometimes, lacks 100% fill rate advertising (when ads are not available, you can use other alternative ads or other referral ads)

Payment methods of AdsOptimal ad network:

Payment methods accepted by AdsOptimal are:
  • Paypal
  • Check

Minimum payout of AdsOptimal:

The minimum payout from ads optimal is $50.

Adsoptimal Earning Report

Here is a screenshot of my 3 days income report for a small site from Adsoptimal

Why should you join or shouldn't join AdsOptimal ad network?

The good and bad about AdsOptimal ad network are already described above. AdsOptimal at overall is a good ad network for which I can recommend you. The quality of ads will be helpful for your site's user experience while the bad customer support may discourage you. Sometimes, I didn't get their reply e-mail for 2/3 days.
So, it's you either to choose adsoptimal for your site or not. But I can recommend you to use AdsOptimal's ads.

Through this post, I tried to provide a brief Review of AdsOptimal Ad Network, going through its good and bad points. I hope you got what you were actually looking for, if not you can ask your query in the comment box. Also, if you already do have experience with AdsOptimal, share your experience in the comment box.

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