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Developer media for publishers

Developer Media is today's leading ad network for technology focused publishers which was founded by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham who come together from opposite direction. Developer Media offers content-rich ads which are relevant to publisher's content and develops a good user experience to audience. In this Review of Developer Media post, I'll go through Pros and Cons of Developer media, Payment methods and minimum payment/payout of Developer Media and brief conclusion about either to choose Developer Media or not.

Developer Media's client's list include major companies leading world in present context like Adobe, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, etc helping them to define, refine and deliver their messages to global software development community.

Pros of Developer Media:

  • High revenue rate
  • High quality ads
  • Appreciable customer report

Cons of Developer Media:

  • Only technology focused sites are accepted
  • Difficult to get paid (As developer media supports only check and PayPal)

Payment methods of Developer Media:

Developer media accepts following methods of payment:
  • Check
  • PayPal

Minimum payout of Developer media:

PayPal- $10
Check- $100

Earning Report of developer media:

The earning from developer media was quite satisfactory. Here are the screenshots of earning report of my brother's blog:

Should you choose Developer Media or not?

The good and bad about Developer Media are already described above and it's you to take decision either to choose developer media or not. If your site is focused on technology and if PayPal is available in your country or US drawn cheque is supported, then I suggest you to choose Developer media for your site to get a good earning. And if PayPal is not available in your place, or US checks are not accepted, then better not to choose Developer media as getting paid is as important as earning revenue.

This is how, you can choose or reject Developer media to your site. Choosing or not choice is yours.
I tried my best to create a brief review of Developer media including its pros & cons and earning report. I hope you got what you were looking for, if not you can ask query in the comment box or even if you have previous experience with developer media, then share it with us.

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