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What is Toptal?

Toptal is one of the most popular and most secured freelancing and outsourcing site for today's talented developers and designers. In comparison to many other freelancing sites, Toptal is newer as it was founded in 2010 by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott but Toptal doesn't lack any level of security and facilities that other famous freelancing sites offer.



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Who is freelancer?

Freelancer is a person who is not physically bounded to any company or not committed to any company or any employer for a long interval of time and is not compelled to work whenever he/she is not interested to. Freelancers are self-employed and work on the contract basis for the variety of company. As a freelancer or freelance worker, one can perform the job of one place from another or job of one country from another country and so on.

Why should one join Toptal?

Everyone is struggling throughout the life to make life secured and comfortable life and if the prosperous life is just side by you why should you have to search for it here and there? If you think you are eligible and you are top developer or designer, Toptal is the best place for you as you'll get high earning in comparison to other freelancing sites and your earning is highly secured. Next reason for joining Toptal can be the fame you'll get as the top 3% developer or designer.

How to get started with Toptal as a freelancer?

First of all, you'll go to the official site of Toptal and to create an account as a freelancer click to the button "APPLY AS A FREELANCER".

After clicking you'll select yourself as a developer or a designer and need to fill the complete form and after filling the complete form properly, click the button "Join Toptal".

You'll get an e-mail about your toptal application. Now, you should further go through the providing the details about yourself that is asked and proceed to the next step.

In this step, you'll choose either you want priority or not. If you don't want just skip and move forward.
Then after you'll have to follow the step called "Connect with a screener" after which a certified Toptal engineer will review your information and set up a call with you. To get high priority, you may write an blog post in English on your personal blog explaining why you are committed to joining Toptal.

This is how you've created an freelancer account in Toptal, you'll get an e-mail from a certified toptal engineer about a call for English screening. So, keep checking your skype and e-mail. If you became able to pass this "English screening" step, you'll do a timed coding test via codility and after passing this you'll give an screen shared test via skype which is called most challenging step.

For details about interviews process go through my Toptal Review and what I want to say at last is "Good Luck!"
Also, don't forget to share your experience, your queries in the comment box and do share this post.

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