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Adsoid is a new player in CPM ad network of today's market which was established in 2014. Adsoid offers high quality ads from top advertisers around the world. In this review post, we will go through Adsoid ad network for publishers, pros and cons of this CPM based ad network, payment methods and minimum payout of Adsoid, earning report of adsoid and conclusion by suggesting either to choose adsoid ad network or not.

pros and cons of adsoid


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Adsoid for Publishers

In this ad network, site owners can apply for publishers program for the site that have minimum of 5000 page views per month. Also, you need to have quality content and clean designed site or blog to get approved. After going through its minimum needs and requirements, it is not difficult to get approved in adsoid. Meanwhile, the blogs with objectionable content (e.g: adult content) and under-construction sites are rejected in adsoid. Adsoid offers advertisements of different sizes for both desktop, mobile and popunder.

Pros of Adsoid ad network:

  1. High quality ad network
  2. 100% fill rate (for sites that drive traffic from US/UK/Canada/Australia)
  3. Easy approval process
  4. Real time reporting available
  5. $5 sign up bonus after using ad for 28 days

Cons of Adsoid ad network:

  1. Low CPM
  2. Not available for non-english sites
  3. Not available for free hosting platforms

Payment methods of Adsoid ad network:

Payment methods accepted by Adsoid are:
  1. Paypal
  2. Wire transfer

Minimum payout of adsoid:

Paypal: $20
Wire transfer: $250

Earning report of adsoid ad network:

I had placed adsoid ads in one of my site, and the revenue earned from it couldn't satisfy me. Here is a screenshot of earning report of adsoid :

Why should you use or shouldn't use adsoid ads?

From the above description with pros and cons of adsoid ad network, probably you've thought about choosing or not adsoid ads for your site as reviews are the best sources from where one gets clear understanding about an ad network.
In case, if I have to suggest you either to choose or not, I will suggest you not to go to adsoid ad network as the revenue rate is low and you can use other ads instead of it. But, if you want to give it a try, go for it.

This is how, I tried my best to create a complete review of Adsoid ad network and I hope it was helpful for you. Comment below for any queries and share your experience with adsoid (if have any).

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