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In this current era, adverting networks have been the great source of best earning for bloggers all around the world. The usage of internet is increasing and with the flow of time also, placing ads from good ad networks and maximizing goal can be the best option. This is not the only way of earning out there but for bloggers, ads from the reputed ad networks that pay a high rate of earning together with the qualitative advertisements can give the best earning.

Each advertising networks claim themselves as the best ad network which creates confusion in the mind of publishers. So as to clear out the same confusion, I am listing and describing here top 15 best ad networks for publishers for 2017.


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Top 15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers 2017

1. Google AdSense for publishers:

Google AdSense has always been the world's largest and best advertising network no matter weather it is 2007 or 2017. Getting account approved in AdSense isn't easy but not much difficult if the adsense policies are followed properly. Almost 2 million people have chosen AdSense because of best quality ads which are customizable and provides high rate of earning for ads.

Pros of Google AdSense:

  • Various types of ads format available
  • Ads can be customized
  • Adsense supports publishers in 30+ languages
  • Highest revenue
  • Safe and secured earning
  • No minimum traffic required

Cons of Google AdSense:

  • Getting approved in Google AdSense is not easy
  • High quality content required

Payment methods of Google AdSense:

These are the payment methods of Google Adsense and are not available everywhere:-
  • Checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash

2. for publishers: is best contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing which is mostly taken as the best google AdSense alternative. The ads of are of good quality and getting approved in isn't much easy and isn't hard if you've done proper blogging not only by the large content. For getting approved in, your blog's primary language should be English, your blog must contain original content and blog should be regularly updated during the time of sending application, your blog should have About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages, a simple and clean design, better if no other ads are shown while you submit your application to and you need minimum 1000+ pageviews daily.

Pros of ad network:

  • High quality ads
  • High revenue rate
  • Ads customization
  • 24 hrs technical support
  • Mobile ads

Cons of ad network:

  • Difficult to get account approved
  • Low revenue rate for beginners
  • No responsive ad units
  • May slow down speed of site

Payment methods of

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

3. Infolinks for publishers:

Infolinks is one of the top ad network which provides various advertising products like in-text ads, in-frame ads, infold ads and in-tag ads. Infolinks scans blog and displays ads on hovering some words. Getting approved in Infolinks is not hard job, so you don't need to struggle on it.

Pros of Infolinks ad network:

  • Easy sign up and approval
  • Ads customization
  • Available in more than 128 countries
  • Sub-domains are also accepted
  • Ads shown according to visitors query

Cons of Infolinks ad network:

  • Some of the ads may harm in user experience
  • Decreases loading speed of page
  • Some ads may irritate visitors
  • Low quality ads

Payment methods of Infolinks ad network:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire
  • eCheck
  • ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts)
  • Payoneer

4. BuySellAds for publishers:

Buysellads is the best ad network to earn from direct advertising where advertisements are bought and sold from and in the market. In buysellads, publishers' sites are listed after getting approved which are checked by advertisers and they directly buy the space in publisher's site for advertisement which can be accepted or rejected by publishers.

Pros of BuySellAds:

  • Makes easy to find correct advertisers based on their niche.
  • Can be used with other advertisements
  • Timely payment
  • Publishers decide the selling price of space on their site

Cons of BuySellAds:

  • Difficult to get approved in buysellads as you need large number of impressions

Payment methods of BuysSellAds ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Wire Transfer

5. TOCUweb

TOCUweb is a bit different project than above listed projects. Using TOCUweb, a single article can be used in numerous blogs without worrying about Google's policy about plagiarism or duplication. It uses a technological software to change all the Latin letters of the word to other language's letters and Google even fails to identify the similarity. You can simply promote your articles by inputting the post and you'll get more number of unique articles. You can also promote your articles to the TOCU blog's network and earn thousands of daily visitors.

6. for publishers:

Another ad network in this list is, which is a part of AOL advertising. For publishers, it is the easy gateway to get access to AOL advertising. They ask for minimum of 500000 monthly impressions in their blogs to get their application approved in

Pros of

  • High quality ads
  • Offers video, display and text ads
  • Accepts application from all the countries
  • Access to top-branded advertisers in the world

Cons of

  • Requires minimum of 500000 monthly impressions which can be tough for beginner bloggers
  • Takes long time for the approval of advertisement placement

Payment methods of

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque

7. Propeller Ads for publishers:

PropellerAds is the UK based CPM ad network. Propeller Ads offers varieties of ad products i.e. onclick popunder ads, mobile ads, classical banner ads, layer ads, slider ads, direct ads and video ads which are suitable for various types of niche.

Pros of propeller ads:

  • Easy to get started and approved
  • Appreciable customer support for new publishers via skype or e-mail
  • Generates better CPM for entertainment websites

Cons of PropellerAds:

  • Ads may annoy your visitors
  • Lacks good quality ads
  • For poor quality traffic, CPM rate is too low

Payment methods of PropellerAds:

  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Webmoney

8. Taboola for publishers:

Taboola is the popular contextual ad network and offers sponsored links or native ads below content & in sidebar of content based websites. Sponsored links with something interesting title make viewers click it and which eventually helps in good earning. For the bloggers who have decent traffic, getting approved in the taboola is not much difficult.

Pros of Taboola ad network:

  • Easy to implement
  • Good CTR
  • Appreciable customer support
  • Timely payment

Cons of Taboola:

  • Not available for small publishers (requires 500000 impressions monthly for approval)
  • Limited ad formats
  • Many adults content

Payment methods of Taboola Ad network:

  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct deposit

9. Outbrain for publishers:

Outbrain is the sponsored content network and is similar to Taboola. The minimum requirement for getting approval contain minimum 10 million monthly US article pageviews.

Pros of Outbrain ad network:

  • Easy to get started
  • Mobile ads available
  • Compatible with Adsense

Cons of Outbrain:

  • Minimum pageviews requirement is high
  • Low earning

Payment Methods of Outbrain ad network:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express Credit cards(from selected countries only)

10. Revcontent for publishers:

Revcontent is one of the content recommendation native ad network similar to outbrain and taboola. As told by themselves, they don't accept 98% of the sites cause they don't compromise on the quality of sites. They check if your site has good quality content and has 30000-50000 page views monthly.

Pros of Revcontent ads:

  • Qualitative ads
  • Suitable for mobile ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Higher CPM rate
  • Real time report available

Cons of Revcontent ads:

  • Not available for small publishers
  • A large list of restrictions

Payment methods Revcontent ads:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

11. Gravity for publishers:

Gravity is another content recommendation platform and one of the top native ad network of current era with rewarding result. For the approval of any site, they look after the content which must be original and engaging content, design which must be simple and impressive and looks after the page views of the site which must be minimum one million of monthly page views. The quality of legal content, and a valid RSS will be some positive points.

Pros of Gravity ad network:

  • Quality ads
  • Can be used along with AdSense and
  • Appreciable customer support
  • High rates
  • Real-time reports available

Cons of Gravity ad network:

  • A large range of restrictions
  • Minimum requirement is monthly one millions page views which is a tough point for small publishers

Payment methods of Gravity ad network:

  • Cheque (for US publishers only)
  • Wire transfer

12. AdNow for publishers:

AdNow is one of the most popular native ad network that offers publishers related posts widget. The unique ad format of AdNow with the combination of native ads and media banner ads. The sites which do not contain any prohibited and objectionable content can use Adnow ads. They haven't specified the minimum requirement of number of traffics and because of this even small and small publishers also can go for Adnow ads.

Pros of Adnow native ad network:

  • Useful for small to large publishers
  • Sites with non-english content also can join adnow
  • Real time reports available
  • Rejected sites also can join Adnow with fixed issues

Cons of AdNow ad network:

  • Some ads look spammy

Payment methods of AdNow ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

13. AdBlade for publishers:

Adblade is today's famous content-style ad network serving more than 600 million monthly unique visitors globally. Adblade offers NewsBullet, half page, display banners, mobile ads and video ads. and Adblade is known for the best ad network in the US with safety of publishers data and safe payment. It's a bit difficult for publishers to get their site approved in Adblade as Adblade marks 500000 unique pageviews per month as minimum requirement, and goes through content quality of the blog thoroughly and sites with objectionable content are not accepted.

Pros of Adblade advertising network:

  • Relevancy of ads to the content of the blog
  • High quality ads
  • High rate of CTR, eCPM and CTA
  • Real time reporting available
  • Compatible with other ads

Cons of Adblade ad network:

  • Requires minimum high page views to get started
  • Hard to get approved
  • Some ads look spammy

Payment methods of Adblade ad network:

  • Cheque
  • Paypal

14. RevenueHits for publishers:

Revenue hits is another ad network of this list which is a performance based ad network. RevenueHits pays on the basis of CPA i.e. publishers earn revenue when their visitors take an action to the advertisement while it doesn't pay for clicks and impressions. Also, revenue hits accepts publishers without any restrictions.

Pros of RevenueHits:

  • Easily accepted
  • Compatible with other ad networks
  • Good customer support

Cons of RevenueHits ad network:

  • Ads may less down user experience of site
  • Some ads are irritating
  • Low CPA rate for small publishers

Payment methods of RevenueHits ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer

15. Chitika for publishers:

Chitika is one of the old and famous display advertising network. Ads by chitika often come in the form of banner ads and rich media and offers display/text ad units, list units, and mobile ads. Chitika ad network has been known for the popular alternative to AdSense.

Pros of Chitika ad network:

  • Easy to get approved
  • Compatible to google adsense
  • Good customer support

Cons of Chitika ad network:

  • Low CPC rate
  • Poor ad relevancy

Payment methods of Chitika ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Check

16. Bidvertiser for publishers:

Bidvertiser is the last but not least ad network in this list of "Top 15 best ad networks for publishers 2017". Bidvertiser ad network offers banners, pop under and slider advertising which are available for both desktop and mobile devices. They pay to the publishers on the basis of mix of CPC, CPM and CPA.

Pros of Bidvertiser ad network:

  • Easy to get started
  • Varieties of ads
  • Small payout threshold

Cons of Bidvertiser ad network:

  • Poor CTR
  • Low quality of ads

Payment methods of Bidvertiser ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Payza
  • Check

This is how, I have created list of Top 15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers 2017. The roll place of these ad networks keep changing depending on their good and points. Meanwhile, some new ad networks are growing rapidly to the positive direction and they may capture the front position.
Since I've learned about ad networks, Google AdSense is always the number one ad network in the market and till date no any other ad networks have been able to win over google adsense.

I tried my best to list out Top 15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers 2017 and give a short and clear understanding about them. It was my try, either I succeed or not, you'll be telling that in the comment box below.

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