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Toptal is the best outsourcing site for most of the clients or employers as Toptal is the network of top 3% developers who are able to solve many problems that common developers cannot do. Meanwhile, some other clients have different view towards toptal.



Getting started with Toptal as an Employer/Client 

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Review of Toptal, The Best Freelancing Site

Mostly, either clients take Toptal as the best outsourcing site or the expensive outsourcing site. In this post, I will explain in brief about why they take Toptal as the best outsourcing site or expensive outsourcing site or even a complicated outsourcing site.

Toptal as the best Outsourcing site:

As only the top 3% of developers in the world are approved in Toptal, clients get most talented and experienced developers to make their job done or to complete their project. Normally, developers in Toptal can solve complicated projects easily and can make clients happy and satisfied. Toptal has brought top talents together in a place so that the clients shouldn't struggle to find the talented developers. This is how most of the clients in Toptal describe Toptal as the best outsourcing site.

Toptal as an expensive outsourcing site:

You might probably have heard that "quality costs high" and it happens in reality too. Toptal contains only the talented and qualitative developers and their rate for work is high in comparison to others. Each client cannot afford high costing developers and they take toptal as an expensive outsourcing site.

Toptal as a complicated outsourcing site:

To get approved as a client also, you've to go through several process. Toptal's specialist engineers call you and check if you are good in english and you are object oriented for getting entry in Toptal cause Toptal not only filters freelancers but also employers so that freelancers also will feel good.

In this way, clients take Toptal as the best outsourcing site or an expensive outsourcing site or a complicated outsourcing depending on the various reasons as explained above. I tried to make my post beneficial, I don't know either I did what I actually wanted to do or not. So, leave feedback with no hesitation.

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